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  7 months ago

Who are the headliners of the African savannah?

Some of the world's most intriguing animals are found on the African continent and some of them are so special that thousands of tourists travel across the world to see them each year - but did you know that it's also home to some of the most dangerous?

In the past, "big-game hunters" used to hunt lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and African buffalo animals for meat, their by-products or as a recreational activity. Due to the danger posed in hunting them on foot, these hunters coined a specific term for these animals: the Big five or the Big five game.

Nowadays, it's also widely used by tour operators in safaris too - but now the big five are seen as major concerns for conservationists as their populations plummet with some of the species classed as vulnerable, threatened, or critically endangered.

As such, the term has taken on a softer meaning and many refer to seeing the Big five - as opposed to hunting them. Ready for a few interesting facts about them? Let's go!

1.) Trees and rocks are sometimes attacked (accidentally) by rhinos due to poor vision - but an excellent sense of hearing and smell make up for it. Therefore, the olfactory sense is pivotal to a rhino's survival in the wild.

2.) Some species of plant have evolved over time with seeds that are reliant on passing through an elephant's digestive tract before being able to successfully germinate and at least 1/3 of tree species in West African forests rely on elephants in this way!

3.) A lion's primary prey is the buffalo but did you know that buffalo will attempt to rescue another member of their group if they have been caught? Often, buffalo are seen to kill a lion after one of their own has been captured and killed by it.

Did you know about the big five?

Which fact did you find the most interesting? Do you have a safari fact to share with us?

Comment yours below and don't forget to head over to the Games Centre now to answer today's question using this post for your chance to earn up to 50,000 points!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  7 months ago
Fact 2 is interesting team , but I'm not sure how it helps trees or elephants ?


  7 months ago
Fact 2 is amazing - one third of African tree species rely upon elephants! Let's not let any of theses creatures disappear from the wild.


  7 months ago
I found fact number 2 the most interesting x


  7 months ago
I just managed to answer the question and won 100 points :D :D oh and my favourite fact is Fact 2 :)


  7 months ago
Still not accepting my answer TT, is it because I haven't yet received the email to register me on the game?


  7 months ago
I found facts 2 and 3 the most interesting


  7 months ago
Hi TT.. very pleased to hear the bug is now fixed !
This whole topic is of course, making me feel very homesick !
I will give it a go, and hopefully make another safari to Mana Pools !


  7 months ago
TT it’s still not fixed. I press play now and nothing happens. I give up x sorry x


  7 months ago
Good evening members! I hope you are well and thank you all for the great interest in playing our new game :) I can confirm that the bug some of you pointed out earlier is now resolved - please feel free to try again and please don't hesitate to let me know if there are any other issues!


  7 months ago
According to the quiz , it's neither Big 5 nor Big 5 game !
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