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  2 months ago

#GratefulFor - my little family.

When I first read this topic my immediate thoughts were of Neil and Bonnie. I am thankful everyday that they are in my life.
But I also started thinking about the ‘three little things’ concept. Some time ago I signed up to a weight loss support group, that advocates psychological changes rather than strict diets. I ditched the support group as I didn’t feel I needed it. Psychological changes encourage you to accept you as you are and be happy :).
I have embraced this and every day look for at least three things for which I am grateful and make my life enjoyable. I used to write them all down, but no longer need to.
As I walk Bonnie I am grateful that it’s not raining, or if it is I’m grateful that it’s not too hot! I am grateful for the village that welcomed us when we moved in 20 years ago and continues to support and nurture us, just as we welcome newcomers that have moved in.
I am grateful for the physical building that is my home, that has enabled me to have my hobby of making jams. I am grateful that this is an area where Neil can go fishing just as much as he chooses.
I am grateful that we were both able to retire early with decent enough pensions that we don’t have constant financial woes.
I am grateful that, despite a number of scares, I don’t have cancer, and Neil’s was easily treated.
I am grateful that, despite a traumatic childhood, mine is far preferable to that suffered by children of war torn countries.
I am grateful that I had a big sister even though her life was short.
I am grateful for the new mattress on my bed that has meant I have woken without backache for the past 6 nights!
I am grateful, for the fact that I can feel gratitude, which is something I could not do when suffering from depression. I am so grateful that I had the help I needed to recover from it, and can recognise the signs of it coming back.
I love looking out for positives every day. The Robin on the lawn. The buzzard in the sky - even the dog poop that indicates that Bonnie is healthy!!


  2 months ago
What a lovely topic, Brucie! Thank you for sharing your #GratefulFor topic with us :) Reply


  2 months ago
You have such a lot to be grateful for it is so nice for you , you will have some nice memories of your sister. Reply


  2 months ago
Neil looks just like one of those big rotund jars of marmalade !!! ;). Reply

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