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  9 months ago

Share your dreams with us!

Dear Influencer,

In honor of World Dreams Day on Saturday, we want you to share at least one dream with us. It could be a small dream to a large dream, whatever it is (as long as its appropriate), we want you to share your dreams with us.

If you share at least one dream with us, make sure to write at least 3 lines about it and you will have a chance to win 2,000 points.

You have until Thursday, September 30th at 11:59pm to enter.

Who's ready to share their dreams?

Influence your world,


  9 months ago
My dream is that the pandemic ends quickly.
For my family and friends be safe, happy and healthy throughout their lives. Also I wish for world peace and to win the lottery :))


  9 months ago
My dream is for my children to be the best them. To get jobs in fields they really enjoy, and to live life without taking things for granted. I also dream of my husband and I being able to retire comfortably in 10yrs-ish and being able to purchase a piece of paradise for ourselves to enjoy.


  9 months ago
My only dream at the moment is to see my spouse win this fight she has started against lung cancer. Nothing else matters to me and no other dream holds the same value I attach to the rest of my life. She is a strong woman, a wonderful wife, loving mother and doting grandmother. Pray for her!


  9 months ago
one of my dreams is to travel to New places. see different places, people and things.


  9 months ago
My only big dream right now it's about the end of the pandemic and returning to a normal life.


  9 months ago
My most strange dream, one that no one knows about, is to have a cooking support program on line. I envision working with older singles or couples on a limited budget but who enjoy real food. It seems to me that there would be more men, I know many who cannot cook. My vision is giving them support with the supplies including ways to keep it cheap and a guided tour through our second hand stores and the dollar store to set them up. Cooking could be a joint effort so that I could prepare with them and move through the steps one at a time. This comes from years of being intimidated by cooking and discovering the joy and the feel for it. It is an art and a craft and it would be fun to share.


  9 months ago
My dream is to do a big renovation for my house with a very rustic/fairytale attic with lofts and nooks, a nice bathroom and a beautiful widow's walk to see the view of the forest in my backyard. It will be spacious and lovely and it will be in the family for many a generation, where I can invite my friends on weekends for sleepovers, where I can have parties with my friends and where years later my children and nieces and nephews will play together when they visit their grandparents on weekends and holidays. It will be very beautiful and enchanting to step inside and will be cozy and idyllic, not unlike that of a Square Enix RPG village house or the Shire. A renovation like that is for certain, my biggest dream for this year and the next.


  9 months ago
My dream is helping all the animals in this country I love animals and I hate seeing what people are doing to them by beating them etc I biggest dream is win a lot of money do I can help


  9 months ago
My dream right now would be to have a country home far from the city where I can have many farm animals.


  9 months ago
For some reason, Ryan Reynolds has featured in 2 of the dreams I've remembered in the past month. Granted, he's very funny, and really talented, but, why?
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