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  30 days ago


Looking back through my e-mails i found the Quarterly Toluna Magazine and reading through it, I found that there was this topic.

My health tips which i try to adhere to include:
1) Always aiming to sleep for eight hours a night;
2) Eating a healthy balanced diet;
3) Exercising more;
4) Drinking less alcohol;
5) Walking as much as i can each day;
6) Walking if i am going somewhere locally;
7) Using the stairs as opposed to lifts or escalators;
8) Cooking the majority of my meals from scratch;
9) Eating plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and salad;
10) Educating myself and learning health tips from others.

Sleep is certainly a big help for me as if i do not get sufficient sleep it can affect me the next day and then it has a knock on effect throughout the week.

Eating a healthy balanced diet, cooking from scratch, eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad and exercising more including walking each day, walking if i go somewhere locally and using the stairs as much as possible, all help me to manage my weight.

Drinking less alcohol helps me to be as healthy as i can and the condition of my skin is much better when i drink less alcohol and when i eat a more healthy diet.

I always like to pick up health tips from other people when at the gym or when talking to people.

Do you have any health tips or advice that you always try to adhere to?


  29 days ago
Great contribution. Thanks for sharing.
I read, this morning, that wrapping your feet in tin foil can speed up the recovery when you catch the common cold. I doubt I will try it though, as it sounds dubious.


  29 days ago
Great tips, Dave! Which would you say is the most important to you? Reply


  29 days ago
I try to follow all of them too, and for my mental health, my tip to myself is to stop overthinking and worrying about things! Reply


  29 days ago
Everything in moderation… Reply


  29 days ago
I'd love 8 hours sleep Dave - in fact , 4 would be a start ! Reply

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