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  1 month ago

More bots for sale

Following on from my find that instagram followers were to be had for 89 cent each, I found an ad (which was itself spam, now removed) offering instagram likes, followers, custom comments, custom product reviews; the same for facebook, linked in, twitter and other platforms I don't know much about.

Other than that I clearly do too much browsing, what can this tell us about platforms and their effect on society?
Do you believe or trust remarks made by total strangers online?
How do you think you would know if some comment, even the ad I saw, was genuine?

Some platforms have promised to address these issues and especially with regard to political comments at election time. But the troll farms based in Russia are still fouling sites with regard to fossil fuel, climate change and energy generation. Their principle is that they don't have to make you believe them; they just have to make you doubt the real, verifiable information you see online.

Do you ever check on something you have seen as a statement? How do you verify it?


  26 days ago
This sounds confusing. Reply


  1 month ago
Do you think there are people out there who would pay for such services? Thank you for sharing this with us, Clarecats! Reply


  1 month ago
'But the troll farms based in Russia are still fouling sites...'
One issue with those guys is that the comments etc. are often genuine insofar as that they are being made by an actual involved person, and thus won't have the limitations or tells a bot might.
'Do you believe or trust remarks made by total strangers online?'
Depends on the content of it and what I know but it's possible to have a good degree of confidence in some things.
'Do you ever check on something you have seen as a statement? How do you verify it?'
If it's possible to go further you can track back to the original sources. See what the original report was if there was one, read the source material to see if it says what the other article attributes to it or if the source's conclusions are sound. There are also places like Snopes if a claim looks like an urban myth or a familiar tale that keeps coming around with a new veneer, for example, alleged teen suicide games / challenges.
As for bots, a number of months back there was a slew of bots right here. They all followed a similar naming style, couldn't parse things like double meanings, tended toward simple answers, often gave opposite answers in the same topic when they sometimes got stuck and kept coming back. There were a fair few of them for a while but no individual bot seemed to be active for very long. Seems to have halted now.


  1 month ago
First of all ad blocks . Reply

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