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  8 months ago

Driver Shortages

It has been widely told by news programs there is a national shortage of HGV drivers so much so there has been some empty shelves in super markets, on the news this morning the BBC told watchers there will be some difficulties with transport and thus shortage's for some time to come.

Have you noticed empty shelves in your super market's ?

Do you think some people will now start to panic buy thus stock up with food making the situation worse ?

As a professional driver I use to drive an Artic ( HGV CLASS 1 lorry ), it is hard work and with long hours and an unforgiving public plus car drivers who do not appreciate how difficult the job is and how hard it is to drive the lorry, I agree it is now a well paid job but it is a job I would not like to go back to.


  8 months ago
My husband is an HGV driver and he is just on the point of packing in as he has had enough of the abuse and people moaning this last year and as you say the long hours and not being able to get the use of toilets and showers . I think some are panic buying as there was a woman in front of me at the checkout and she had 4 packs of 18 toilet rolls and there was only a couple of packets left on the shelf .


  8 months ago
Shelves in the supermarket where I shop are full. No problem at all. Thanks God!


  8 months ago
I haven't noticed empty shelves in Hertfordshire!!


  8 months ago
I have not seen any empty shelves here, but as I posted the other week, the local companies are paying a premium for driver to come from other areas. A large part of the issue is around the suspension of HGV tests, due to the pandemic. The government also changed the rules for renewal, where drivers were allowed to self certify they were medically fit, but that only applied up to the age of 45. Tests are now back in progress, and medical examinations for licence renewal have also restarted, so with any luck the shortage will soon be overcome. There are a lot of spare HGV drivers about, the problem is they are all in the armed forces, and so far the government has not decided to use them !


  8 months ago
Work from home so get deliveries from supermarket and farm shop so no idea if shelves are empty


  8 months ago
I have not noticed any empty shelves!


  8 months ago
I've noticed some empty shelves for quite a few weeks now, as long as I can get the basics we can survive. All those people out of work should be clamouring for HGV licences.. but I know that is only the start of the problems.. time, resources, instructors...


  8 months ago
I'm not sure if there are driver shortages or if, like most other things, it's simply another case of mis-management of resources. With the current situation we certainly need lots of drivers so that articulated lorries can be utilised properly with cabs changing at borders so that local drivers are always at the wheel.


  8 months ago
I have I did post the other day about no milk in aldi, aw! Come do your duty and drive hun ha ha


  8 months ago
Round here the different supermarkets have different shortages so we can get what we want but may have to walk further.
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