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  2 months ago

Considering the current heatwave...

... what have you all been eating? FOOD you all yell back... yes, yes, yes, I know. But what kind of food. Have you been cooking your meals or having cold ones?

When I went out to do my weekly shop on Monday I had already made a decision. On going into Heron's I purchased the necessities of milk, bread & sugar, but at the same time I also purchased a pack of 4 thin slices of cooked roast beef, along with a pack of sliced & diced chicken breast.

On arrival at the greengrocer where I would normally spend around £3 to £4 per visit. I actually spent no less than £10.45 on 8 large spuds, an iceberg let-us-pray (lettuce), a whole cucumber, 2 bunches of large spring onions, 6 very large tomato's and a big jar of sliced beetroot.

Monday resulted in my munching through a beef salad.
Tuesday it was a chicken salad.
Wednesday yet another beef salad.
For supper last night 2 lettuce and tomato sandwiches.
And... for today another chicken salad, with what's left...

Namely almost half the cucumber, 1 tomato, the central core of the iceberg, 3 spring onions and 6 to 7 slices of the pickled beetroot depending upon the size. Also as is my want I always add a liberal sprinkling of salt, not to mention a little extra vinegar.

Tomorrow however will be different. On doing a Wednesday morning top up shop, while in Heron's I purchased a couple of Cornish pasties for the princely sum of £1. Instead of having chips with a pasty, I'm planning on baking a very large spud instead. Naturally peas and carrots will be added to the meal as well.

A full roast beef & Yorkshire dinner, with all the trimmings, is a definite meal for the weekend. Probably on Saturday as opposed to Sunday.

Anyway, I'm off now to have my final salad of the week....


  2 months ago
Live for vegetables Reply


  2 months ago
I’ve been eating the same as normal! Reply


  2 months ago
We have eaten more salads. Yesterday we were given lettuce, toms and a cuc from a friends garden - so we simply added cheese and hard boiled eggs and had a delicious meal - with some pickled onions I’d made a year ago.
I love Cornish pasties, but would never consider chips with them. We mostly just have them with baked beans. Because I’m a heathen I like the pasties microwaved so the pastry is all soggy!!


  2 months ago
Whatever is quickest to prepare. I don't want to spend too long in a kitchen at the moment. Reply


  2 months ago
Would you say it's better for us to eat colder (or otherwise non-cooked) food during the summer? Reply


  2 months ago
We are eating more salads this weather too, mainly stuffed in pitta bread and munched like a large sandwich with a few minted new potatoes on the side... Mmmmm Reply


  2 months ago
Lots of Salads, and I am grilling more chicken to go with the salads. I used my last baking potato yesterday, so I will get some more on the next shop I do. I pick up Cornish pasties two for £1 at Iceland when I go shopping, surprisingly if the traffic lights are to believed they are quite healthy. The same companies beef slices also come out as being healthy, they are also two for £1. Reply


  2 months ago
More salads and less cooked stuff are on our menu Rob, can't eat a full roast dinner with this heat. Reply


  2 months ago
Salad from the garden we have so many cucumbers made Thai salad prawn one day and rare beef the next. Fruit salads, homemade ice cream Reply


  2 months ago
All foods,hot,cold,boiled,fried,roasted and raw,meat,shell fish and fish,no difference,I brook no interference from the weather. Reply
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