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  10 months ago

How would you accept it if your pet doctor suggested that your dog needs to be euthanized to end it's incurable illness and suffering from extreme pain?

We had a very loving dog before who stayed with us for almost 21 years and was even older than our youngest daughter. Although even at such an old age, it had never showed any signs that it was getting weak or had something inside it's belly that hurt so much. Until one night we heard soft ailing cries that seemed coming from where our dog was located. It was almost past 2 in the morning when I stood up and went downstairs to check. There I saw at the far corner of our house our dog lying sideways as if in extreme pain. When I massaged it's back the sound became more louder and intense as if the dog was telling me to back off because it hurts so much. That's the time I became worried and decided to visit our veterinarian early in the morning. The dog was howling in pain when I carried it towards the back of our car. So I had to improvised a sort of sack cloth bed to easily carry it without hurting the affected part. When we arrived at the clinic, it was the doctor's assistant who gently carried the dog and laid it on top of the operating table. After a few hours of diagnosis, the sad news came from our vet that our beloved dog was suffering from an acute tumor inside it's intestine. This answered why our dog was in extreme pain at that time. And what's more sad was that the only solution to relieve the dog from the continuous pain was by Euthanasia or mercy killing. I was informed that the dog would be subjected to a painless injection that would instantly stop it's heart's beating then after that they will be the one's to bury it's lifeless body at a particular cemetery for the animals. That's after I've finally agreed to continue with the process of Euthanizing.

It was the hardest moment of my life to make such a decision since my family really loved that dog. But what could we do if it would keep on crying in pain every night. It would just prolong the dog's agony if I wouldn't allow the procedure. Although the doctor said he could prevent using the mercy killing method for our dog and just prescribe pain relieving meds instead. However, pain relievers don't actually permanently remove the pain caused by the enlarging tumor and would even aggravate the dog's painful condition. So finally even with a heavy heart, I bid our dog my last goodbye and went out of the clinic full of tears.

I've accepted the fact that even how much we loved these animals, there will be a time when they will have to leave us. So a word of advise people, never be too attached to our pets to avoid being so desperate when it's their time to finally depart from us.

In your case, how would you decide and accept it? If it's your pet, would you just give it pain relievers until such time it dies or just allow mercy killing? Thanks for your shared opinions on this people.

Photo not mine: ctto


  10 months ago
I'm sorry for your loss. I think I would've opted for euthanasia too if that happened to my dog, rather than have my pet suffer and be in constant pain.


  10 months ago
That would be a hard decision to make. But for the reason that it will save your pet suffering more from its illness, despite the fact that whatever illness that causes your pet to suffer that way and you learned from the vet that it has no cure, maybe, for the sake of easing your pet's situation and thus, rest in a peaceful way, even though its sadly hard on your part to accept that it will be gone and loss it forever, it may be a benign acceptance to let your pet go, besides, your pets will never forget that somehow in their lifetime, they got a family that nurtured and loved them like real humans, and deep inside them they know that they love you even more than you love them, because it would take much of their lives for them to show how much they appreciate, respect and love their masters endlessly until the grave.
But, in addition to that, if euthanasia is the only way to end one's sufferings, especially to animals or pets as we call it, I guess, it would be better to let them die by itself rather killing them by force which is inhumane for me to say. Its brutality and without remorse. If I were you, I would prefer to let a pet die by itself, though still hard to see them suffer in pain while dying, at least they were not unheartedly without pity inflicting your pet to death. Its so harsh and that is cruelty to animals. So I beg to disagree, pets must not undergo euthanasia. That's all for now.


  10 months ago
I have a similar experience as you. It was not the easy one but it was the best for both of us. She was my first love pet, my first best friend aside from my sister, and my first hello. Yet she was also my hardest goodbye.


  10 months ago
Condolence and run free for your beloved dog. 21 years was already a well spent and loved years. I have lost so many furbabies and times really we need to decide what is best for them. I will say you made the right decision.


  10 months ago
My deepest sympathy. For me I will do the same.


  10 months ago
I would choose euthanasia over my dog suffering more. I have experienced losing my chow 2 years back and up to now i still miss him. And idk if i can care for another one just yet.


  10 months ago

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