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  11 months ago

These food items are getting expensive, fast – including oil, meat, sugar, and sweets

South Africa's inflation rate accelerated to 5.2% in May, to levels last seen in November 2018, StatsSA said in its latest set of data.

Excluding transport costs – which surged 15.13% – the cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages are rising the fastest ,at 6.7% higher in May.

These are the food products pushing inflation higher

Oils and fats saw the highest price increase with costs rising 20% in May, on an annual basis. When compared to the month prior, it increased 5.2%. Last month, Business Insider South Africa reported that the price of edible oils such as sunflower oil, canola oil and soya oil had shot up dramatically since January 2020. The price surge was due to a shortage of oil supply caused by poor harvests of oil producing crops globally. Sunflower oil, which is a staple in South Africa, saw the biggest price jump and had risen 70% over the period.

Annual meat prices increased 8.5% in May compared to a year ago, StatsSA said.

Vegetable prices also climbed 6.6% during the period.

Sugar, sweets and desserts, and milk, cheese and eggs are among the major food categories that are also driving food prices higher. They’ve increased 8.7% and 5.7% on an annualised basis respectively. Bread and cereals rose 4.9% and fish was up 7%.

Non-alcoholic beverages now cost 5.3% more with hot beverages up 5% whole cold beverages rose 5.6%.

Source: Business Insider

Yikes, things have gotten so expensive over the past year. Have you noticed food getting more expensive over the past year?


  11 months ago
its crazy


  11 months ago
What used to be a month's groceries only lasts 2 weeks now


  11 months ago
Its ridiculous


  11 months ago
I have noticed everything is expensive. What a weeks food used to cost me and what it costs now is crazy.

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