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  14 months ago

Does anyone know of an alternative to the medication- Pregabalin?

I’m looking for an alternative and it would be helpful if I could have a name of something else that I could go to my doctors with when I ask to swap.
Pregabalin affects your weight a lot and I am asking to change all the medications that do this, of which there are 4 so far that I know of.
I’ve tried for years to lose weight and only recently become aware of just how much weight can be added just by taking a tablet to cure one ailment but it ends up giving me another with weight issues now. I’ve realised that it’s not totally my fault for getting to the size I am due to the 4 different medications I’m on which increase the appetite.
So I’m looking for an alternative for them all and going to my doctor with information I’ve found out and requesting some help with this.
Thanks in advance


  14 months ago
Have you tried Dr Google?


  14 months ago
I would suggest you make an appointments with a pharmacist. Either one linked to the doctor/hospital that arranges your prescriptions , or your local pharmacy if that is where they are dispensed.
They would probably prefer to look at your medication as a group and how they work together rather than each one separately.
I am sure they will be helpful and completely understand of your wish to reduce weight gain . A pharmacist will have greater knowledge of the specifics and side effects than most doctors. Armed with information from the pharmacist you can then approach the doctor and ask for changes.
A doctor will stop in his tracks if your information has come from a legitimate source, such as a pharmacist.
Good luck.


  14 months ago
i have the same choice right now so this thread is helpful


  14 months ago
I take Gabapentin and they are much milder than pregabs so I would defo ask your Gp I tried everything to get pregabs my Gp won’t give me them even though I lost my leg and suffer really bad with fantom pain


  14 months ago
After a quick google search which brought me to the NHS page it does seem to have a lot of side effects, including weight gain.
This is just an example
Are there similar medicines to pregabalin?
Gabapentin (also called Neurontin) is a medicine that works in a similar way to pregabalin. Like pregabalin, it can also be taken to treat epilepsy and nerve pain. It can also be taken for migraines. However, there are other differences between pregabalin and gabapentin. Gabapentin is taken in different doses to pregabalin.
If you need to change to gabapentin treatment, your doctor will explain how to safely swap from pregabalin.
Personally I think you should just have a good talk with your doctor, maybe he can suggest a change of diet and more exercise. It sounds easy said like that, and I'm certainly not the right person to give advice since I have problems of my own.


  14 months ago
A list of alternatives is here :
The pros and cons of each are not discussed there so you'd have to delve deeper per brand-name for that info.


  14 months ago
You can find them on Google , different ones for different conditions . Hope this helps.

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