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  14 months ago

Extended school hours - which are the correct figures ?

We were all for the return to the " old " school hours , in order to make up for lost time . Now , I'm lost as to the additional cost involved .
Boris Johnson has pledged an extra £1.4 billion . However , the Education Policy Institute estimates the figure should be £13.5 billion , and the man in charge of overseeing it all has resigned , saying Boris Johnson's figure "falls far short of what is needed".
Such is the huge difference in the figures , I've no idea what a realistic figure should be . What are your views friends ?


  14 months ago
Do you think schoolchildren will be at a disadvantage if the extended hours were not to be put into place?


  14 months ago
What they should is get rid of the clocks changing from winter to summer.


  14 months ago
I think it’s going to take a lot more money than pledged too. I also think adding extra time into school hours would be easier for primary schools but not so easy for secondary schools because they will have to work out whether they’re going to add an extra 5-10 minutes to each lesson, which means changing everyone’s timetable or whether they will add the time on at the end of the day which means children will get extra time but only in whatever lesson they have at the end of each day. My son doesn’t have English or maths at the end of any school day so I feel important subjects could get missed if it happens this way.
It’s a tough situation for the schools yet again and I really do feel for them. The schools in my area have successfully completed everything the government has set for them over this and last year and they all deserve huge gratitude in my opinion.


  14 months ago
You simply cannot trust anything Doris says or does...


  14 months ago
Have you tried looking for the report on-line, checking Hansard etc.?
Education Policy Institute =
From what little I have read, the larger figures have not faced the scrutiny of the teachers and their unions, nor the school bodies and the students. I can't see how we can really form a view without more detailed feedback from the groups involved. (especially as I am not a parent so have no emotional attachment to the issue)
However, I would be wary of committing large sums of money upfront for education, as New Labour tried this with the 'Windfall Tax' and it did not seem to fix schools (and the NHS) as they'd hoped but a heck of a lot of consultants got richer.


  14 months ago
It's yet another big mess . No evidence of levelling up on education it would seem.


  14 months ago
I have no idea what it should be, I just know we are going to suffer in some way paying all this money back


  14 months ago
I think the lost school hours would have affected children in primary schools more than secondary schools. Also those children who have learning difficulties or have not had good access to resources during lockdowns. There should be focussed access to catch up education but I think the majority of secondary pupils will be about where they should be. Certainly my children have not fallen behind through this period because they have been able to do most of their learning pretty well on line.


  14 months ago
The teachers are paid to do the job ~ let them get on with it !
What this country needs is a forest of money trees to give us endless spending power !!
Far too many people are far too quick to moan; whatever happened to that great British Bulldog spirit ???

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