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  4 months ago

Have you ever been stopped by the Police ? Were they fair ?

I've been stopped many times , please allow me to elaborate ;
1 Speeding, 1971 . My fault , no mitigating circumstances .
2 Speeding, 1980 . Ditto
3 Speeding, 1987 . Ditto .
4 1989 . No charges , police thought I was a known gangster lol !
5 1996 .Faulty rear lights . I was unaware , police said get them fixed .
6 C 2010 . No seatbelt . My fault , no mitigating circumstances .
As you can see , I'm a hardened criminal ! This , of course , is over a period of 40 years , during which time I covered over 2 million miles .

On the other hand , my car was attacked and damaged twice in 2011 ,
and the police response was unimpressive . ( Diane's hubby I'm sure !)
Both occasions were just phone calls . No officer came , despite the fact that there were fingerprints on my car door on the 2nd attack.
The first time , I was given a case number for my insurance claim.
Second time , they asked if I'd like the press involved . I replied " No , I'd like the police involved ! " I guess it was a form of triage , but I wasn't too happy . Now , what experiences have you had ?


  4 months ago
No as I don’t drive not had any problems


  4 months ago
I used to be stopped regularly when I was younger simply because of the fact that I couldn't afford a car so used a motorbike as transport. Most of the time they were at least polite but fair might be a different matter, though I'm white so can't say much.


  4 months ago
My husband has been stopped for speeding a few times on one occasion he was told that if he told the officer if you let me call you some names I'll let you off otherwise I'll be polite and Knick you. He also said that he (the officer) had put his hat on in the car (unmarked) so my husband would see him but that my husband obviously had not looked on his mirror
My daughter when she had not long been a pediatric nurse went through a red light in there early hours of the morning. She got pulled up and burst into tears because a very close very young patient had died and she felt with it all so he got the full onslaught of her grief. He was lovely she said. He sat with her and listened them told her to go home to stop at the red lights go to bed and sleep


  4 months ago
I've never personally been stopped by the police - I've only been in the car when my boyfriend(s) have been stopped. I'd say that the police acted fairly in all the occasions I witnessed but these usually took place in relatively quiet areas as opposed to big cities and neither of us could have looked remotely threatening. The one incident that I really remember was when I was in Seattle with my (then) American boyfriend, who was driving. We were trying to find a particular school as we were attending a conference and were more focussed on where we were going than speed. We got pulled over and I was a little nervous due to the whole cops with guns thing but they were really polite and friendly. They sent us on our way with no ticket - just a warning to pay more attention in future - and clear directions to where we were going. I remember joining in on their conversation with my boyfriend so that they spotted the English accent, so that may have helped. Whether things would have gone differently had either of us been non-white, I can't say.


  4 months ago
Quite a few spartan I was in field sales for 15 years and my Cortina was a magnet driving home late at night,nothing alarming just checking sir,is this your car etc.
Done for speeding once,no excuse 92 in 70,fine and 3 points.
Fined for having a dirty front number plate in Brighton and that is about it,nowadays I always keep to no more than 80 on the speedo which about a true 70/72 and have never been flashed or stopped.


  4 months ago
My only experience has been fair and just, I was quite rightly copped doing over 80 early morning, clear day on the A55.
Started with standard £60 fine and 3pts which was refunded a couple on months later so they could take me to court. Ended up pleading not to lose my licence and escaped with 5pts and £450


  4 months ago
I'm hardly even an adult so I haven't been stopped yet! I'm pretty good at sticking to the rules though!


  4 months ago
very fair considering they knew that we knew we were guilty, taking a short cut down a road that was meant for taxis only, the eye contact gave us away and they turned round and came after us, we apologised and thanked them for their leniency, all in good spirits steve


  4 months ago
My dealings with the police are not great really. When younger I've been threatened with a kicking because "nobody can see, and nobody will believe you". I've witnessed police planting drugs in a property so they didn't have to pay for the damage they'd caused in raiding the wrong address. Around here they rarely come out when anything happens, so you have to sort it out yourself or nothing gets done, which results in people not bothering with the police much. They just "give you a crime number for insurance" and don't investigate...

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