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  16 months ago

Share 3 ways you give back

Happy Monday Influencers,

With Earth Day right around the corner, we have a special contest just for you!

We want you to comment on our topic below by sharing 3 ways you give back to the Earth for a chance to win 1,000 points.

You have from today, 19th April until Sunday, 25th April to comment.

There will be 15 winners – will you be among them?

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  15 months ago
I always recycle everything I can, taking things apart as needed, plastic lid, paper body etc. I use the “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” motto with the loo. Another good one is put a bucket in the shower catch any water that’s not used for washing. It’s surprising what you collect in 5 mins.


  15 months ago
Recycle waste whenever you can, take your waste home with you when you go out, save water when you can.


  15 months ago
We only have one planet.Stop eating meat ,stop unnecessary product(like plastic)


  16 months ago
Every retail shop should start giving out free recycled cotton shopping bags instead of plastic bags which we do not need to pay for anymore.


  16 months ago
Repair, reuse and recycle. Love is Love x


  16 months ago
I always try and repair before I replace and consider if items can be repurposed.
I am very aware of the resources I use and always turn electrical items off at the plug when not in use, turn off lights and consider water usage such as not running the tap whilst brushing my teeth.
I recycle everything I can and take items that aren't collected kerbside to recycling points or the local recycling centre.


  16 months ago
Recycle as much as practically possible, including food waste into compost
Repair Items rather than Replace Items and
Reducing Use or Removal of Energy inefficient technology around the home


  16 months ago
We have solar panels on our house to help reduce our carbon footprint, I drive an electric car, our household energy supplier is certified fully renewable, we use plastic-free products where possible, recycle plastics, paper and card, tins, bottles and crisps packets.


  16 months ago
I recycle as much as possible. Cleaning and flattening before I put any items in my recycle bin. Food waste, goes into the composter at the bottom of the garden. Or just chuck it out for the local cat etc. I rip up old envelopes, left over and use as scrap notes near the computer, primarily for shopping list, stuck under fridge magnet. Cycle a lot, locally. Driving well, and only when distance involved.


  16 months ago
I’m a keen recycler and have been doing it for years. Taught grandson and encouraged hubby. I recycle all possible items. I have three composing bins in the garden and recycle both plant and food waste, although I aim to waste as little food as possible. I separate paper from envelopes and reuse it for notepaper, eg shopping lists. I always have my own shopping bags for supermarkets- we've got two sets, one in my car and other in hubby’s.
Planting bee friendly flowers. Yesterday I was sprinkling seeds on the grass verges nearby of bee friendly flowers- just need the rain to help them grow :)
Walk rather than drive short distances.
Reducing water consumption- don’t keep taps running, although still trying to convince hubby to do the same.
I am keen on conserving energy, so switch off any electric sockets when items not in use, and keep heating under control. Switched all our light bulbs to LED. The only difficulty is grandson's gaming - uses lots of electricity :(
There’s still more, but I’ll leave it at that
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