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  9 months ago


Every one has been moaning about the lock down,and started adjusting to that.and now people are kicking up a fuss over it being relaxed.i personally think it's too soon to start circulating again,we all prayed for a miracle in the worst of covid and people are now creating over the vaccine.refusing to have it etc.i don't understand.what do you all think about it


  9 months ago
I won’t be going anywhere soon, but we still have a bit longer to wait in Scotland.


  9 months ago
I'll let the initial rush settle down before I venture into town Harley. xx


  9 months ago
I think its now up to the individual , if you dont want to go out then dont, i myself are a little wary but ive come to the end of all my presents for family and friends so really need to go out and get a few bits, its been boring of late so for me ill enjoy it


  9 months ago
My verdict is: people just LOVE moaning! Whatever happens, people will always find something to moan about :-)


  9 months ago
There was no need for a lockdown for the whole population!


  9 months ago
Personally I am desperate to get back into social venues, which is actually strange as I would have said previously that I am verging on the reclusive personality!
I don’t care about my hair (my husband has cut it for me), or ‘click and collectI’ (too remote to collect anything), I want to be able to meet people and sit and debate world issues again. Whether that is in the pub or not matters less, I just want human interaction on an academic and educated scale to stimulate my retired brain!
Much as I love my husband dearly, after a year of lockdown , we both need to refresh our mental exchanges!


  9 months ago
I agree with you. I'm hoping to get my secondjab by end of month then MAYBE I'll feel differently. I feel rather silly as most of my friends are keen to get out there and seem to be ingnoring the not going to others houses. It worries me.


  9 months ago
i think for me being able to go back to work has been a huge boost to my morale, mentally, physically and financially especially as many companies in the retail sector that may have been already suffering have finally succumbed to closure over the past year and i know im one of the lucky ones and will hopefully continue to be, as long as social distancing, mask wearing, hygiene and limited capacity in shops is adhered to we must try and get to some form of normality x


  9 months ago
I agree with you - too soon across all the sectors.
Yes allow hairdressers to open as so many kids and adults need it plus perhaps spas - physio- massage as these are wellbeing sources that affect both physical and mental health.
Then yes click and collect and restaurants and takeaways for collection & delivery.
Allow these for a month, then slowly pubs with beer gardens and similar outdoor venues, building up maybe a fortnight later for more, until come June the UK is open and at that stage consider holidays with some kind of documentation for Autumn/Winter.
We have failed to implement an effective test and trace scheme and already so many are flouting the rules. However I suspect on here many will scream freedom and say its lasted too long already.

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