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  17 months ago

How do you wash your fruit and veg? Have you tried soap?

It was been a universal rule that before eating a fruit or vegetable, you must wash it with water.

But now that we live in different times of the pandemic, water alone is not enough to disinfect all the bacteria.

As such, Earthsap has introduced a new soap to wash fruits and vegetables.

In a statement released by the brand, they said that they created the Earthsap Fruit & Vegetable Wash because rinsing fruit and vegetables with water alone is ineffective.

There are pesticides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals that are designed to be water-resistant, to protect the fruit and vegetables in even heavy rains. These toxic chemicals are not supposed to enter your system through products that you eat.

“Due to the extremely contagious nature of Covid-19, it is best to take all precautions possible. One helpful tip to ensure your health and safety is to wash all groceries and products bought from the store, as soon as coming home.

“Especially your fruit and vegetables that have been lying out in the open in-store, many people pick up and put back the different fruits, so it is a good idea to disinfect these with a fruit and vegetable wash,” the brand statement said.

To keep your fruits and vegetables clean, also make sure you store them in a disinfected area.

Another great tip to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh is to chop them and put in a sealable plastic before putting in the fridge. And if there is some that you will use for smoothies, it’s best to freeze them.

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How do you wash your fruit and veg?
Do you perhaps use soap water or plain water?

I've heard people saying they use bleach to wash their vegetable....I think its dangerous cause this is not meant to be used on vegetables and fruits....

Well....I only use water and that's it...I've never tried other methods such as using soaps etc..


  17 months ago
Salt will kill the viruses if any.


  17 months ago
salted water is what I would rather use.


  17 months ago
Only plain water....


  17 months ago
I only use water to wash fruit and veg.


  17 months ago
Plain water

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