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  17 months ago

Irate call centre callers

A plea to go easy on call centre staff - they are real people.

This has been brought home to me this week by my daughter. She recently began working for the Royal Mail, answering queries and complaints (v likely complaints) from the general public.

So far she has endured whole days of angry, shouty, sweary, abusive callers. It makes me angry that people can be so unpleasant. I don't think she will stick with this job, most of those she trained with dropped out days ago.

If are ringing to complain about a product, it is quite possible, - probably even - that you will be ringing a call centre, dealing with a real person.

Be nice to them. In fact why not be nice to people in general...


  17 months ago
Well said. I don't know what's the matter with people these days. It's really, genuinely, got much worse over the past 30 years: especially in the last 20 years.
My first job was telemarketing; then at an accountants; then the Inland Revenue; then after a couple of years doing youth work, I worked in telesales, and credit control. All of these except the youth work involved dealing with people on the telephone. When I first began, in the mid-late 1980's, people sometimes were a bit curt or brusque with you on the phone - not out of anger, but simply a lack of telephone etiquette. No malice.
But then, sometime around about the late 1990's, something subtly shifted in the public attitude, or mood - people started to.act as though they could say any damn thing they felt like, and seemed to stop seeing you as a real person with feelings - it was a marked, noticeable en masse change from a certain minimum standard of politeness, to a no-holds-barred "I know my rights" nastiness that was very shocking to me. I've often wondered what was the catalyst, or the accelerant, for this shift in public behaviour....
I hope your poor daughter can develop a thick enough skin to cope with the job - if any specific ideas or advice needed, just ask! - but if it's really too much, I'm sure she can find something better soon :) xx


  17 months ago
its like shop workers they get the crap because people dont think thay maybe they are caught in the middle and half the time its not something thats anything to do with them


  17 months ago
I know they are just doing their job, but some on the other end of the phone can be quite rude. I had one trying to sell me insurance for white goods and when I said I was not interested he got quite nasty and said well it’s your fault if your goods break down.


  17 months ago
Most people who get abusive lack intelligence sadly...


  17 months ago
My wife once had a temp job, working in a call centre for a bank.
Most people were most understanding once they realised how much work was involved in sorting out their problems, and most of them were very pleased with the end results.


  17 months ago
I can imagine Roger it's no surprise at all. Lot of rude behaviour in society in general.


  17 months ago
I occasionally answered calls at work Roger , , and 75% were abusive . One guy was apopleptic that we'd texted him the date and time of his delivery . How did you get my xxxxxxxx number ?
That's the contact number you gave ! 5 minutes later , I told him I would send the tv back , and he could re - order after Christmas .
His wife jumped in - " Ignore him , he's an idiot ! " . That was fun ;)


  17 months ago
I agree Roger ,if i do call to complain usually the first thing i say is i am not blaming you but can you help me sort this out


  17 months ago
Well said Roger, call staff aren't responsible for the problems, they're the ones trying to sort them out.


  17 months ago
She deserves a medal working for RM! I'm usually polite to customer service reps but not to those who call me trying to sell me scam insurances/eco boilers etc.For some odd reason they are mostly Welsh?
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