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margaret mckinney1

  95 months ago

do you have or believe in superstitions like putting new shoes on the table brings bad luck or black cats crossing your path are lucky

i always carry a lucky a 4 leaf clover keyring and a lucky stone i havent had alot of bad luck but i dont think ive been to unlucky either margie


  94 months ago
Hi ,I lived on a sailing boat for 15 years and you should hear some of the superstitions that sailors have. Never set sail on a Friday, don´t whistle on board. Don´t paint your boat green. At one time we had such a bad time with storms that we started each voyage with giving Neptune a drink of brandy but that didn´t work either!!Oh don´t change the name of the boat either and don´t have a woman on board. So you can see it´s pretty difficult to do the right thing and being a woman I didn´t really have much chancebut I did survive for over 15 years and saw a lot of the world and still have a boat but I won´t walk under a ladder on land!!

dawn bond

  94 months ago
I am a great believer in superstitions and also believe that you make your luck. I have lucky items that I wear and lucky things that I do.


  94 months ago
Sorry but I think that it's all a load of nonsence.I don't think that things like talismans can influence luke one way or the other


  94 months ago
well I am superstitious to a point..I tend to look for magpies i.e one for sorrow two for joy etc...I dont carry anything which keeps me lucky.


  94 months ago
Yes I am supertitious, to some extent anyway. Hate chain message things and feel obliged to send them on, but generally just to the person who sent them to me so they don't feel bad. I do have a terrible habit of saluting magpies when I see them though...which can be a bit embarassing in the middle of the street!


  94 months ago
No, I am not superstitious, nor do I believe in it.


  94 months ago
I used to be disagree completely with the idea of superstitons & even used to walk under ladders deliberately but recently I know a few people who have been ill & as I am not religious the only way I can 'pray' for someone is by wearing a Saint Christopher (I have to wear it as a medical SOS as I have epilepsy anyway) That and I cross myself & salute magpies if there is just an odd number of them (but that's tricky because what if you see 1 & then 30 seconds you see another 1,is that 2 ? ) what if it's 2 minutes later or 22 ?


  94 months ago
I have to say I am not superstitious although I won't walk underneath ladders ( common sense ) and I do think bad things go in threes! My Mum was very superstitious, even down to not wanting to look at a new moon through glass including her glasses, she would never put new shoes on the table and if she spilled the salt she would throw a pinch over her shoulder to ward off the bad luck. It does make you think though as when I took an old mirror to the tip the guys there told me to put it against the container and not throw it in because it might break!!! and be bad luck!!


  94 months ago
If black cats were lucky I would have won a prize on Toluna by now.I have a black cat and i assure you the luck part is a myth,well hopefully.


  94 months ago
yes i am a sucker for some superstitions but not to the point i am psychotic about things, I always hope that i cross a black cat and a bit of luck will comer our way
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