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  1 month ago

#SeptemberWellness - Is happiness a choice or a fairytale notion that doesn’t exist?

We have probably all heard the famous phrase: Happiness is a choice! However, is it really? Can we actually decide when and how to be happy?

According to science, while this varies from person to person, approximately 40% of our happiness is determined by our thoughts and actions, 10% is controlled by our circumstances and 50% is genetic predisposition.

We all get used to circumstances whether good or bad over time, so in the end they don’t play as big a role in our happiness levels as we might think. Happiness can therefore be considered a skill that can be built on and improved overtime with regular and consistent practice. What does it mean? Simply that we all have the power to control how fulfilling our life is.

Theory is fun but how can we actually work towards a fulfilling and happy life? Well today, we want to share 5 habits of happy people that you too can put into practice. While we can’t presume to share secrets to happiness, these positive actions have been proven to help increase a general feeling of wellness in many people’s lives.

1. Positive thinking

Focusing on the positives in life is a quick way to reduce stress and boost optimism. No matter the situation, take the time to savor the good things in your life. Try to be grateful for what you have without comparing yourself to others.

2. Acts of kindness

Cultivate kindness and practice empathy. Generosity, altruism and compassion are hardwired to the rewards mechanisms in our brains. We genuinely feel good when we give to others.

3. Find an activity that you enjoy

Something that you can completely get immersed into and lose all sense of time.

4. Exercise and physical activity

Eat well and keep moving to stay healthy. Regular exercise is known to improve mental wellbeing and reduce depression. Also, don’t forget to get enough sleep.

5. Connect with people

Make time for family and friends. Share your experiences while building and cultivating relationships that matter to you.

The list goes on but it’s not necessary to cram all these into our lives at the same time. A little every day goes a long way. Did you know that having constant but durable levels of moderate happiness over time is healthier than having one time boosts of high levels of happiness?

What activities do you do to improve your daily wellbeing? Do you believe happiness is a skill that can be improved with practice?

Toluna Team


  1 month ago


  1 month ago
Say shukar (thanks) for whatever you have. Don't worry about whatever you don't have. Have a firm belief EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. Don't try too hard to find the reason it will come to you eventually. Keep yourself positive. Spread smile and don't think you can make everyone happy as you are NOT a chocolate


  1 month ago
A good incentive


  1 month ago
Happiness is a feeling of pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
Happiness is about enjoying little things in life. Its all about embracing life with full depth and staying positive all the time.
Happiness is a choice which we can gain by helping others. Spreading smiles and joy makes a person happy too. Good Health is also a form of happiness, healthy state of mind and body is a biggest blessing.
HappyScore #SeptemberWellness


  1 month ago
Happiness for me is spreading smiles and indulging in activities that brings joy. Its also about finding joy in every moment and staying positive is the key.
Happiness comes from within from small things in life. For me it has different forms, for example like spending time with family, going on a road trip with friends, reading a book for hours, laughing till stomach hurts, going on a picnic, enjoying nature, a warm cup of Hot Chocolate in a winter night, hearing the splash of waves on a beach or watching the rain pour.
Happiness is also vital for a prosperous and healthy life. #HappyScore #SeptemberWellness


  1 month ago
Happiness is a choice. My kids help me to stay positive even when we have difficult time. My family makes me happy. #HappyScore


  1 month ago
Happiness is a choice. We are all going through really hard times now. I genuinely hope everyone is staying safe. This is the time to be more active with your family and friends. This is the time to ask and give forgiveness. Even if something goes wrong always think it could have been worse that way we have this positive feeling within and trust me at the end of the day we will overcome our difficulties. We Always have and always will.
#HappyScore #September Wellness


  1 month ago
I indulge in sketching and painting on a weekly basis as it helps me unwind and relax. It takes my mind off things for a couple of hours and helps change perspective. #HappyScore


  1 month ago
I really do believe that happiness is a choice same with sadness. You just have to learn how to weigh which one is beneficial to you. Everything is temporary in life so why would you let negative thoughts occupy your mind. If you choose happiness, you can do anything that is good in your mental health.


  1 month ago
#HappyScore my family is the biggest factor on my happiness
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