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  23 months ago

Tell us about your pet | #TolunaPets

Hey there,

This week we are celebrating pets on the Toluna community! There will be a lot of content around pets, content contests to win additional points and a game. We want to hear all about your pets - if you had a pet in the past or right now.

The first contest with a chance to win 500 points is to share the following 3 aspects of information with us about your pet!

- Your pet name
- Type of pet
- 3 things about your pet

There will be 10 winners. Will you be one?

We're excited for you all to share your pet with us!

Toluna Team


  22 months ago
Smoke is my 3 year old grey protector. She is more like a dog in her actions and behaviors than our two dogs are. Bubba is a 4 year old chihuhua we rescued from a shelter, where he was surrendered with 23 others. Zeus is our Rott/Australian Cattledog mix who is 15 months old and extremely active. All three sleep in bed with me and my husband and are our furbabies as our children are grown with families of their own.


  22 months ago
My dog is named Willie. He is a yellow lab. He is very hard headed and will bark at you until he gets what he wants. He refuses to sleep on the bed with me. He is 7 years old.


  22 months ago
My cat her name is sweetie, She is a tabby.She is about 3 or 4 years old. I'm not too sure because I found her as a stray until her. She's an indoor/outdoor cat. She is warm and affectionate however she likes to be by herself a lot and if she doesn't wanna play she'll let you know.She's great with new people and what kids And if you are new she will spend more time with you than anybody else.My dog, his name is moose.Moose is 9 years old , he is a pitbull.He is a bit intimidating at £85 but I can tell you that he is so sweet and wonderful when my girls were a little he would always sleep with them at night and protect them And my youngest used to ride them like a horse.So if there's a storm, watch out cause he goes nuts.I also have an assortment of fish top, middle, and bottom feeders I also have ghost shrimp and snails.I have a black molly, Whom I call Rollins, after the Philadelphia Phillies baseball player jimmy rollins. What's cool about him is that 1 it's feeding time and I open up the tank, he will let me feed him directly,I think that's amazing. That fish has no fear. I also have a louche fish, Hey I also named after a baseball player so his name instead of Brad Lodge, his name is Brad Louche.


  22 months ago
Newt is a 3 year old heeler husky mix I adopted. He was stuck at the shelter for over a year. He is so hansom, sweet, and smart. How could this be? He has become the poster boy for my dog training company. Maybe it was something bigger hardened peoples hearts to him so I could have him. For that I am grateful.


  22 months ago
I have three cats. Mango, Patchouli, and Luna. Mango is caring, sweet, and cuddly, Patchouli is particular, loving, and a bit of a bully. Luna is young, happy, and super snuggly.


  22 months ago
We have 3 rescue dogs; Daisy - part Border Collie, Casper - part Pyrenees and Louie who is a Catahoula. We live in an area where people feel the need to dump their animals that they no longer want. These three amigos have become the best of buddies and play like it too. Dinner time around our house is comical to say the least as the bigger dogs always try to get the smaller dog's food when they aren't looking. We put in a large dog door so Casper could have the roam of the backyard and the other two could follow him out there. The only problem we had was they could get out of the fenced yard and play all day all over the mountain where we live and have a grand time while we are at work. Daisy got out one night and came back at 3:00 AM reeking of skunk. Needless to say, she got a good bath and we lost a little sleep over that incident. They are great companions and I am grateful for their presence in our home. There is never a dull moment when they are all in the house.


  22 months ago
My dog's name is Sophie. She is a Golden Doodle F2. She is half poodle and half golden retriever. She is an F2 because both of her parents were Golden Doodles, so she is a second generation. She is the most wonderful dog in the world. My dad passed away about a year ago and she was his baby. She had to learn how to love my mother as her number one person. My mom fell ill in December and had to go to a short term care facility for five weeks. She needed to learn to love me and other people who came in to take care of her. She is the sweetest angel. She is loving to her family. she protects my mom. She will lay on my lap and let me brush her teeth. She loves to be outside and play outside. She is spoiled but so adorable and so lovable.


  22 months ago
When I was growing up, we had a dog named Chico. We didn't have him long, because we didn't have a lot of room for a dog. Then we had a hamster named George who would keep you awake during the night by running on his wheel. When I was in my 20's, I had a cat named Tigger. He was so calm, my brother would hold him upside down and he would keep sleeping. Tigger was killed by dogs. Then I had a cat named Misty whose personality was the opposite of Tigger's. But her personality kept her alive when she was attacked by a dog. The funniest thing is after she recovered, my brother came in telling us he had seen a dog running and going nuts because Misty was on its back with her claws dug in-guess she got even!


  22 months ago
My pet name is Lato. My pet is a dog. My pet is friendly, happy, and energetic.


  22 months ago
I have a cat named Sam. He is 7 years old and a Maine Coon. He is my best friend and loves to be petted and scratched around his head & neck. He is such a funny cat, when I sit with him out on the patio steps he will remind me gently that he is there by putting his paws up on my shoulder with a little light tap as to say "hey, friend I want some attention now please!" I enjoy the times we have just sitting in the lawn chair in the sun.....he just soaks up all the love and in turn he'll turn my arm into a pin cushion with his kneading! <3
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