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I think I have to face an uncomfortable truth folks ; I'm fairly sure I'll never be fit enough to own and exercise a dog properly . At the same time , to quote Niles Crane , I'd like " Another heartbeat in the house " From reading topics from Chris ( chowen ) and others , and my limited experience , I understand that they add something to a person's life . My only problem is , I genuinely know nothing of the day to day stuff - how and when to feed them , when to let them out and back in , their foibles , etc . Before I make a firm decision , I'd welcome any advice you can give me , which I'll read this afternoon Can you help , my friends ?


  1 month ago
As I live in an upstairs flat it would be unfair on the cat; living near a main road would be even less of a good idea as the cat would probably not survive long when it went out. Reply


  1 month ago
I don’t think I can tell you any more as what has been said already, Reply


  1 month ago
Just remember that it is not just you choosing a cat - they choose their human. I would always recommend getting a cat not a kitten - perhaps not as cute but you don't have to worry about litter training! Rescue centres find it harder to place adult cats (black ones especially) so you will find plenty of choice.
A cat flap is a godsend. You can get swanky (and therefore expensive) ones that are only meant to let your cat in using a special tag on collar or the microchip. We had one of the later but it didn't work at stopping our neighbour's cat coming in. And the children would adjust the settings to try and sort it out so would lock FitzWilliam out rather then making it so he could come in but not go out (some have timers - so even dearer).
My cat has to get three small meals a day as he can be so greedy he makes himself sick (not helped by him visiting other 'restaurants' on the road) but for most cats two meals is enough. Two of these meals are dry food and his dinner is a pouch. He likes to have fresh water and lets us know if it is not fresh enough.


  1 month ago
We had a female ragdoll cat a couple of years ago, we regretted it as kept scratching the furniture, even though it had a scratching post. It was very fond of our daughter, so we gave her the cat. Reply


  1 month ago
Letting them out and in: when they want to. But I always keep them inside during the night. Feeding: about 4 times a day in our house but it really depends on the cat. some cats eat fewer times but more food, while other cats eat a lot more times but only little bits at a time. Also, don't think you will own a cat. The cat owns you. You are the slave and not the master. Also if you use a litterbox, use clumping cat litter as it saves you on having to clean out all the sand all the time. Reply


  1 month ago
Mine which is the 2nd from a rescue centre lets me know when he wants to go out and be fed. He eats pouches of food 2 to 4 times a day more when it’s not too hot. The cat will let you know when to feed it and let it out. Also when mine had finished a bowl of water he stands by it until I fill it up. They are great company but hard work to start up with Reply


  1 month ago
Important questions to ask the seller:
a) Does it lay eggs ?
b) Will it mow the lawn ?
c) Does it make the breakfast ?
d) Is it's voice chip upgradeable ?
e) Do it's fleas carry an olympic pedigree ?
f) Can I shear it then sit outside and spin yarn ?
g) Is it genus Testudo graeca-graeca or hermanni ?
h) What are the best Andean flora with which to feed it?


  1 month ago
Steve good luck ....never for me. would i have a cat about me , just not the same as a mutt in the home i think as some are half human and friendlier
, though a cat might not be as needy and get you on the walking thing , i think you could do it but :) get a breed that is not a walking sort i hear a Irish wolf hound needs little walks and sleeps half the day my kind of dog !


  1 month ago
We rescued our cat in March and never looked back. You have to be prepared if you rescue one they may be nervous. They love to play especially with fishing rod cat toys. We feed Chester twice a day and leave our biscuits. He loves Dreamies and cat chew treats. Make sure you keep up with flea and booster injections. It's a good idea to get a collar with a bell for when they chase birds. Chester loves loads of cuddles and sleeps on our bed. Good luck. Reply


  1 month ago
I've never owned a cat mate so sorry can't help. The only thing I've heard of is folk getting them a scratching post to save the legs of their furniture. :-) Reply
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