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Most of the day had been very good with only one thing that has really been a disappointment. We did have a chat at the charity about early TV memories, I did puzzle them all, my earliest memory of TV after 'Watch with mother' was a western series called 'Rawhide', it was the series that helped a certain Mr Eastwood to fame. I have decided to share the theme song to see if it jogs any memories, please throw all hard objects in a direction away from me. Here is Frankie Laine with his UK number six single Rawhide, the Theme to yes Rawhide. Keep your eyes open for a rather young looking Clint Eastwood in the stills :-) The record was released in 1959 in America, and in 1961 in the UK, when the series first started to be shown on TV, yes I am that old :-) Frankie Laine also appeared in the TV series Rawhide.

OK time for honesty, and granny had better not be dug up for the answer, how many of you can remember the TV series Rawhide from the early 1960s ?


  2 months ago
I can remember it Reply


  2 months ago
I love the theme song but only ever saw a few of the shows when they were repeated in the 90s. The song was also used in The Blues Brothers and I included it on a C90 tape for a sports and social club. No-one was particularly impressed but I liked it. :-) Reply


  2 months ago
I know of it of course and I know the song, but we didn't get a TV until 1972 so I never saw the TV series (I wouldn't have anyway - not my thing.) Reply


  2 months ago
Of course one remembers good old Rawhide Chris.
It makes me want to don my chaps, strap on my trusty hogleg and wave my stetson in the air, yelling; 'Yippee Ki yay' !
But then again we don't want to yell that too loudly.
We must not under any circumstances startle the docile longhorns.
After all we don't want to start a stampede, do we ?!.


  2 months ago
Course i can , yeeha ! ;) Reply


  2 months ago
Oh, but Matt Dylan did a much better job of things on Gunsmoke ! Reply

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