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  2 months ago

#TolunaNews | Preparations for the conversion of Hagia Sophia begin...

Despite the outrage, Turkey has already taken the next step to start preparations for the conversion of Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque.

Hagia Sophia came under the supervision of the Religious Affairs Authority of Turkey, whose head, Ali Erbas, said that he had already begun preparations for everything to be ready by the 24th July.
According to the Anadolu news agency, Hagia Sophia was closed to visitors on Friday for special departments of the Ministry of Culture to inspect the dome and its four minarets.

According to Turkish media, the hagiographies will be covered with special technology and lighting. In particular, he agreed with the Hurriyet newspaper, special curtains will be placed, which will be opened during the prayer and carpets on the floor, which will be illuminated in such a way that the hagiographies are not visible.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected international reactions and condemnation of the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque, saying it was in line with his country's "sovereign rights."
"Those who do not react to Islamophobia in their countries (...) are attacking Turkey's will to exercise its sovereign rights," Erdogan said during a teleconference ceremony. "We made this decision not in relation to what others are saying, but in relation to our rights, as we did in Syria, Libya and elsewhere," he added.

Turkey's decision has provoked a wave of reactions, with most international media outlets commenting that Recep Tayyip Erdogan's decision "defies Europe and the West."

What do you think of this news? Do you think Erdogan is right to do this?

What do you think about the conversion of this World Heritage Site?

Have you ever visited Hagia Sophia? If not, would you now be interested to visit it as a mosque?

Let us know in the comments below!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  2 months ago
I've always wanted to visit 'Hagia Sophia' as I've heard so much about this amazing World Heritage Site from many of my friends who already visited it. Even here near my house some churches have been converted into houses etc!!


  2 months ago
There are churches here that have been turned into supermarkets!


  2 months ago
It was a Cathedral, when Istanbul was known as Constantinople. When the Turks built the Ottoman Empire it became a mosque, then as a sign of contrition for the conversion when the Ottoman Empire was dismantled, it was turned into a museum. Now it is going to be a mosque again, Turkey is worrying me as other states are softening their Islamic regimes Tayyip Erdogan is hardening Turkeys. I wonder if he is going to try to regain any of the islands Turkey lost when Ottoman Empire was broken up in 1922. In 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus, and still holds about one third of the country. Most of the orthodox churches in the part turkey controls have now been demolished, with religious artefacts sold off to collectors. Shake hands with a Turk, be sure to count your fingers afterwards.


  2 months ago
I have visited Hagia Sofia and it is one one the most impressive structures on Earth. It totally blew my mind with how much history this iconic building (firstly a cathedral, then a mosque) must have witnessed. I am very sad to hear this news as it seems to be another example of Erdogan eroding the secular society ideals that were instigated by Ataturk.


  2 months ago
No I haven't been there I've never been to turkey either I have no desire to ever go their I still remember the horrors from their invasion of Cyprus in 1974 it was so utterly shocking and evil there are still 1200 cypriots missing men women and children I have cypriot friends my loyalty is very strong for my friends turkey is the last place on this planet I would ever go to I don't trust them I might sound harsh but my heart is with my close friends and Cyprus I wish the Turks would pack up and leave but instead they are selling properties that never belonged to them.


  2 months ago
Erdogan , like Trump , is playing to his followers , and no-one else matters . I wouldn't dream of visiting either country !


  2 months ago
TTeam, coming from an Eastern and Coptic Orthodox heritage, Byzantine Empire holds a lot of historic events of the Immediately church fathers after Christ’s ascension. Besides, it is where It took place. It’s not a place sieged by Christians, it’s a place of birth for the first church of the Roman Empire. It references the divided church of the east and west that connects all churches around the world. So it’s sad that such a place is tarnished in these historic countries . But I lost interest after I saw the distraction of Iraq Beautiful Syria and Lebanon. Egypt is also gathering the last Copts in a town full of trash and refusing to allow them to build a new worshiping place. Turks can do as they please. We know one day they will return their faces back to their beginnings. The church is leaving the earth very soon. Until we return with the king the world would have done everything it wants and destroyed 1/3 of the planet earth. see you all left behind!!


  2 months ago
It's not a matter of what we see in the west as right or wrong. It is a decision for the rulers of Turkey to decide on the future use of Hagia Sophia. As I understand the building will still be open to tourists and faiths of all denominations.
They still behead people in the public squares of Saudi Arabia but the west is still a big friend of this country why? Even after their grotesque murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the indiscriminate bombing in Yemen . We have to stop picking and choosing which countries outrage us and which ones don't depending on our relationships and judge all actions equally and fairly.


  2 months ago
This whole thing is a publicity stunt by Erdogan and the media is falling for it, he is trying to portrait himself as the new khalifa and acting like a colonist in Syria, Iraq and Libya which will bring more wars to the middle east!


  2 months ago
I feel sad that Turkey under Erdogan's rule seems to be slipping back into religious rule and dark times ahead. Kemal Ataturk galvanized his people against invading Greek forces who sought to impose the allied will upon the war weary Turks and repulsed aggression by British, French, and Italian troops. He founded the modern Republic of Turkey, for which he is still revered by the Turks. He succeeded in restoring to his people pride in their nationality, coupled with a new sense of accomplishment as their nation was brought into the modern world. Over the next two decades, Ataturk created a modern state that would grow under his successors into a viable democracy. He was a soldier, statesman, and a reformer who was the founder and first president 1923–38 of the Republic of Turkey. All of his changes are now being eroded away little by little and I am not in favour of anything that Erdogan does these days, however, its upto the people of Turkey to make changes if they are not happy. I have holidayed in Turkey 3 times in the past and the people are lovely sadly, I would not go these days :( x
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