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  2 months ago

I watch a program called " Pitbulls and parolees"

I have watched it from the beginning more than 10 series now. Its a great positive program with moments of sadness occasionally . These dogs get such a bad rapp yet seeing them on this rescue program they are not bad at all but very loyal strong and brave. Also in this program is the story of the people who are employed there, these guys are ex cons (for want of a better word) they too have a bad rapp for me not all people who have done time are bad circumstances of life knocks they take as they walk through life often determines where they end up. But Tia the owner of the rescue doesn't just help the dogs but she helps these men too, to overcome their past and turn their lives around just like the pitbull breed.
Now I've never been a real dog lover even though I grew up with them. But this pitbull breed has really touched my heart the way they stand the way they hold their posture their resilience all amazes me I just don't see any of the agression and visious charactor that is attached to them same with the guys who take care of them. I suppose these guys know what the dogs feel like both having been caged. Its a really great program. What is your opinion of so called dangerous breeds? By the way I grew up with shepherds and Dobermans neither breed ever gave us any problems


  2 months ago
It is not the breeds it is how the animals are trained and treated Reply


  2 months ago
I love whacking this as I have a pit he has changed a lot of people thinking he is loyal is brilliant with the children and lovely with other dogs Reply


  2 months ago
Your spot on Reply


  2 months ago
I think the breed is lovely and have met many friendly pitbulls. I have also, sadly, met people who just should not own dogs and they buy the dogs and train them to be aggressive but also, generally, mistreat them. Most dog breeds are fine but the same cannot be said for the types of people who want to own them. Reply


  2 months ago
I agree with Mark Reply


  2 months ago
I believe it is the owners that make a dog dangerous - with the correct training, no domesticated dog is dangerous... Reply


  2 months ago
Great post Rose i love dogs and believe you. on both you spoke off. and any dog has the power to turn on you. if not treated right.
not feeling well. or the nature of the breed , my friends dog is a spaniel and they can be feisty on it if have sore ears or you tell them to get down ah now the can growl i found :)
they do look scary the dogs pitbulls but theres so many stories on their softeness , it must be true
as for the young fellas you are so right there to
i.worked in a bail hostel if had no stable family. and many had nt:( or disowned them,
if no where to to go on release , they came to us with bail conditions and curfews
and stayed there till they got a move on option ....more rules and regulations on a smaller scale , all female staff as we found that stopped them hitting the staff or squaring up to them , we were tougher but with them. but as females:) , we also cared Rose and the impression was just as you say ...hated in the area the hostel was the housing Ex. despised them, benefits places thought they were scum ,police and s workers just seen them all the same as people that did something not to be trusted. i never felt unsafe once !as we treated them with respect. then they did back ,
we pushed for their rights every day. ( had a good fight on the phone most days ) and like them dogs the bad name stuck with them. , no matter what the did to change it. hope. no jobs or dumps of flats was all they were offered :( .... can tell you this no one in a hostel has ever had a history of woman abuse or would never get in!
not the one i was in anyway
,probably like them dogs they were not bad at all ..just learnt behaviour due to their surrounding ...survival instints made them like that :(

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