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  1 month ago


Big Girl, You Are Beautiful! Mika wrote this for his dear Mother, who suffered with poor self-esteem and harassment because of her weight all her life.
My bipolar mood swings have meant that my weight has fluctuated wildly my whole life...When I'm "high" (mania), the first symptom, before I feel high, is rapid weight loss: I can lose 6 dress sizes before I even notice it. And when I'm becoming depressed again, the weight creeps up before I even feel sad. Metabolism and mood are critically interactive.
BUT. Ive never felt harassed or looked down on, when I've been"Big". In fact, you'd probably be astonished to hear how many men genuinely prefer a curvier girl - sometimes, the curvier the better! And it's also been my experience that women are not generally very nice to slim females... When I've been a size 12, and looking my "best" - by the norms of Western ideals - I've been on the receiving end of some incredibly nasty behaviour, even aggression, from other women.

It's about Confidence - not size or shape. Confidence is Sexy!


  1 month ago
I have never been confident because of my size but now I have lost a lot of weight I am starting to feel a bit better about myself Reply


  1 month ago
I don't know why people think they have the right to judge someone else for any reason hun . Those people need to get the plank out of their own eyes before trying to get the splinter out of someone elses Reply


  1 month ago
I agree! Reply


  1 month ago
I so agree x Reply


  1 month ago
Sure is Hawks when young i was a skinny minnie , and as odd as cats p ++ real awkward .....i curved out after my twenty s. but the confidence is hanging out of me as we say here ! that came with age and knowing my worth ! i agree girl ! Reply


  1 month ago
I agree it's confidence about yourself that counts. You've overcome so much, bipolar is hidden not obvious like a broken leg Reply


  1 month ago
That video was shot in Croydon, where I live! I have had my hair cut twice in that barbers & often shop in the market. Thankfully the grafitti'd area behind Croydon College doesn't look so bad nowadays.
The place often seems like a grey, miserable dump but it doesn't take too much to get the locals to join in a bit of fun, as you saw, and it is people that make or break a town.
I think I agree with you about confidence, or at least acceptance of ones self.

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