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  24 months ago

5 Pride Hero’s that Deserve to be Recognized

As we celebrate Pride month on the Toluna community, we think it is paramount to highlight some important people that did not get the recognition they deserved due to their sexualities. Please see the following list on 5 Pride Hero’s that Deserve to be Recognized:

1. Karl Ulrichs was a man of many talents. He started as a civil servant in Germany, but his career ended in 1854 due to his sexual identity. He then became a journalist, activist, and author who published 12 volumes about sexuality and one of the first theories about homosexuality. In addition, he encouraged the German government to put a stop to anti-homosexual laws.

2. Barbara Gittings was a determined woman. She founded the New York chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis, the first United States Lesbian civil rights group in New York. Additionally, she helped lead one of the first gay and Lesbian rights protests. Later in the 1970’s, she played a very important role by being part of the American Psychiatric Association and fought to get homosexuality eliminated from the disorders list. You go girl!

3. Christine Jorgensen knew what she wanted. Born as George Jorgensen in New York and later went to Denmark to get a hormone treatment and gender re-assignment surgery in 1952. When she returned home, her change sparked conversations about gender identity. Later in 1952, she received an award for Woman for the Year.

4. Bayard Rustin was a born leader. He was a key leader during the civil rights movement. He was not only a close advisor to Martin Luther King, he helped organize the March on Washington where Martin Luther King gave his “I Had A Dream” speech. Additionally, in 1986, he put his leadership skills to something he was passionate about and fought for the gay equality bill in New York City. However, at the time he could not marry his partner and adopted him to make sure they were safe.

5. Edie Windsor, a name to remember. She was lead plaintiff for a case that involved herself and her partner. In 2009, her partner died, and Edie had to pay over $363,000 for estate taxes because they were not legally married. By 2010, Edie sued the federal government and thanks to her case the United States versus Windsor, something wonderful happened for the LGBT community. In 2013, her case helped create a law to allow same-sex couples to marry. By June 2015, same sex marriages were legal in all 50 states!

What do you think of the hero’s that we mentioned?
Do you know any other names who made a difference for the LGBTQIA+ community?

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  24 months ago
Love this article, learned something new.


  24 months ago
Great article


  24 months ago
I have heard of three of the LGBT heroes.I think Alan Turing deserves a mention.He created computer coding.Without him modern technology might not exist.He was mistreated by the British Government for being gay.


  24 months ago
Thanks for sharing, I did not know about any of these people. I am sure there are a lot more out there.


  24 months ago
All Have Done A Good Job! No, I Don't Know Of Any, Sorry.


  24 months ago
All great people and thank you Toluna for educating Tolunites on such a great topic.

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