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  1 month ago

A used tea bag can work real miracles in your garden.

Growing a bunch of different seedlings can be quite a challenge. The reason for this is that most seedlings never even germinate, despite all the love and care you put into them.
All you need to do is bury a used tea bag in the earth.

•By adding a tea bag to the earth in your garden, you provide it with extra nutrition. Tea leaves contain tannin and nutrients that serve as a natural fertiliser for the earth. The bag itself is made out of fibers from the stalk of the abaca plant, which is a type of banana plant. The tea will easily dissolve in the earth and provides a healthy environment for flowers and plants to grow.

•The tea bags also keep vermin at a distance. Used tea bags as well as coffee grounds help to keep vermin away from your flowers and plants. The smell chases away any creatures that would like to take a bite out of your precious plants.

•It’s also a very smart idea to add a used tea bag to your compost heap. The acids within the tea will speed up the process of disintegration of the compost. This means you’ll be able to use the compost for your garden much sooner than you would otherwise. This’ll make both you and your garden very happy

•Bury the used tea bag close to the roots of your flowers or plants in the earth. Doing this will help your plants and flowers retain more water within the earth. This way you will make sure they stay much healthier!

•Tea bags keep weeds at bay. By burying a used tea bag in the earth, you’ll make it a lot harder for the weeds to grow alongside your healthy plants and flowers.

•The growth process of little seedlings can be made a lot easier through the use of a tea bag. All you need is used tea bags, seeds, a plastic planter and water. Germinate the seedlings in the planter like you would do normally, but add the tea bags to the earth. This will speed up the process a lot! When the seedlings have germinated, you can easily move them to a larger planter or directly into your garden.

• you often have neighbourhood cats wandering through your garden? Tea bags or some coffee grounds can help keep them out as well. The smell will repel the cats. Sprinkle some coffee grounds or tea over the earth of your garden to keep the cats away from garden. This also works to keep your own cats away from the plants inside your home.

•Worms eat tea doesn’t sound very nice....worms in your garden. Yet these slippery little fellas are very good for your garden. Worms can very easily eat tea leaves. When these leaves have been digested and get back into the earth they’ll produce even more nutrients for a super fertile garden.

I like this trick...I will add teabags in my garden.
Do you use teabags in your garden?


  1 month ago
I have recently started it too Reply


  1 month ago
I once’s did that and it’s good for soil Reply


  1 month ago
I have no idea but I'll take your word for it Reply


  1 month ago
I have tried it...for soil Reply


  1 month ago
Iwill try this Reply


  1 month ago
I normally use egg shells. Will also give this method a try. Thanks for sharing dear Reply

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