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I might be candid, but I've never gone so far as to tell a guy "Love Me" just yet! My worry is that it might be misunserstood for something else! But I know a woman who has no qualms to tell the man she loves just that! And that would be my uncle's former admirer and now his wife!

My uncle once worked as head of a certain company branch... But pushing papers in an office is not something he envisioned for himself for long.. Being a farmer's son, he's an outdoors man... He wants to ride horses amidst open fields, grow his crops.... As that's where he is happy,,, He did not fancy as he termed it "maarte ladies" He wanted a simple woman who would stick with him even when life goes tough or he goes poor!

There was this pretty lady who has an eye for him... She belongs from a well off family... From the start my uncle already disliked her! He's got issues with her dainty hands, high heels and Louis Vuitton bags! Sa simula pa lang basted na s'ya! He told her right off candidly what was his type.. She was unfazed and said.... "Try to get to know me first, if you'll love me you won't regret it...

My uncle was a chain smoker and he got sick because of it...He had quit his job and so did with his smoking... He thought that would be the last time he would see the aforementioned lady... But he was wrong! And he wasn't at all pleased... Everyone in the family liked her as she's really very nice... But that didn't convince my uncle....

One time while that lady was out riding with a horse, she fell out of it when it got spooked with something... She was knocked out of consciousness and got medical attention.... She was fine... But my uncle was still anxious... The incident brought them closer together... That lady finally got her chance... They eventually got married! She has proven to be the wife my uncle needs and more...

Btw. this song goes out to..... Secret..... Hahahaha


  1 month ago
yes Reply


  1 month ago
Another love ❤️ story. Reply


  1 month ago
That would be so fantastic to hear, a nice lovable lady telling me to love her. I would reciprocate her intense feeling by showing off with a tight hug and successive torrid kissing.. haha Reply


  1 month ago
hehe even i am ugly i will never do that Reply


  1 month ago
yes Reply


  1 month ago
Yes Reply

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