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  6 months ago

If you are the recipient of any kind of donation, is it okay that they take a photo of you while you're receiving it from the distributors? Do you think it's necessary to do so?

You may have seen already a lot of photos from social media to news reports about the different ways of helping not only during these days but also with other surprising turn of events and in good times. Among the most shared photos are repacking of the relief goods to be distributed and moments where relief packs/donations are handed out to the people.

These kinds of photos are usually inspiring and may encourage others to extend helping hands too, however, if you're going to be the subject, will it be okay with you? Considering that those photos of you will be posted online, may be seen on the television, published in the newspaper or whatever means that it may be visible to the public (even privately).

First day of this month(May) we were given relief goods and someone was taking photos of us while others are distributing. I was taken aback because it's the first time they took photos of us when it's already the nth relief packs we received since the quarantine started. I then learned that it wasn't from the government but from a generous family living in our neighborhood who have relatives abroad. I was thinking it might be posted on the social media and it really was posted after 6 hours. I then asked the person who took the photos to delete mine, funny though coz it was there for 2hours already but still I have the right to have it deleted, they didn't asked permissions anyway. I am thankful for what I received and for what they've done to our community but for me there are lines that are not meant to be crossed.

What do you think about it?

Credit to the owner of the photo


  6 months ago


  6 months ago
Why the need for picture taking? As proof?
Well, as a requirement to issue out the help, as they said, I had my picture taken when I received GC's from our Barangay.


  6 months ago
I don't really know why some people have to take pictures just to show that they're a giver. It does not actually add something to following the golden rule to give and expect nothing in return. I pity the souls of these people who simply give as a sign of showing off.


  6 months ago
I don’t think that is necessary. If you want to give just give and don’t take pictures, for me taking pictures is like announcing to the world that you help someone. I grow up hearing to my father “kapag may ginawa ang kanan mong kamay, huwag mo ng ipaalam na kabila mong kamay” That means if you do something good like helping someone in need by giving them food or money, you don’t need to tell it to others or brag about it because the recognition or appreciation of them will serve as your reward but if you help or do good silently I believe that God will reward you in return.


  6 months ago
Having a genuine generosity by heart does not need to be seen in public to justify that you are benevolent.

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