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  24 months ago

Sports are back | #TolunaNews

During the last few months, people all around the world have being doing numerous things to keep busy. One of those things have been binge watching a lot of television either on live TV or streaming applications. Although, something from live television has been different, which was the lack of live sports on TV. However, as restrictions on quarantine begin to change, so do sports.

Sports are coming back all around the world. This past weekend in the United States, sports legends battled the golf course on live TV, to raise at least $10 million dollars for the coronavirus relief efforts. The pairs were as followed – professional Quarterback, Tom Brady and professional golfer, Phil Mickelson and professional golfer, Tiger Woods and professional Quarterback, Payton Manning. Over millions of people tuned in to watch this unique match on Sunday, May 24th. The match ended up raising over $20 million dollars, they played most of the game in the rain and the winners were Tiger Woods & Payton Manning. Soon enough, major sports in North America such as baseball, basketball, and American football, will be back as well.

In Asia, baseball is back. From Japan, to Taiwan to South Korea – all the different leagues are playing again. Some countries are not allowing fans back in the stands like in the country Japan. However, in Taiwan, it is a different story. When they had their first game, they allowed about 1,000 people into the stands, but they had to wear a mask, keep distance from each other and have a mandatory temperature check.

In Europe, most football has not started as the leagues are still on hold but are estimating that the premier league will start sometime in June. However, Bundesliga, the German league, returned to playing on May 16th and the season will most likely end on June 30th. You can watch the games on TV, however, they are not allowing fans into the stands. Even though sports may not be the same this year, at least you can now watch some sports on live TV again.

How do you feel about sports coming back?
What sport are you looking forward to watching?
How do you feel about limiting people in the stands when attending sports?

Let us know in the comments!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  23 months ago
No difference to me glad to hear


  23 months ago
Nope, no cares


  23 months ago
I am not a sports fan... So, it makes no difference to me either way! However, there needs to be health restrictions in place!!


  23 months ago
I did not watch sports before they shut everything down, so coming back on is not a big deal to me. I would agree that they should limit the audience for fans to be able to go see their favourite team play.


  23 months ago
I am happy sports is coming back, I have missed it so much especially with my teams doing well. I agree they should limit fans or better no fans for remainder of the season, Go Leafs Go!! Go Raptors Go!!


  23 months ago
i am dying a little each day without sports......with all the rioting in the usa its clear large gatherings are no longer a threat to covid19 and people should be able to decide if they want to attend sports games or not


  23 months ago
I think sports should start but with pandemic restrictions.


  23 months ago
I am not a sports fan and have not missed hearing about games.


  23 months ago
I looking for the soccer games. And if people are sick stay home. They doing there safety checks, very important and less people in the stands. Can't wait to watch it on tv.


  23 months ago
Only some sports are back, I for one did not miss them as I am not a sports fan
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