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  1 month ago

New Brunswick health care professional cause 3 new cases for travelling under false pretence.

Well just when New Brunswick Canada was on May 2 had weeks of no active cases. Negligence of woman in medical profession has infected herself and 2 other people in Campbellton region of New Brunswick. One is woman in her 90's and other a child. She falsified her request to course the border to Quebec claiming it was for essential needs and border security clearly assumed that nurse would do 14 day self isolation which has been imposed on every province for any person(s) who have travelled outside of their province. Not only did the woman of 50 not self isolate, she went to work for 2 weeks at the Campbellton Regional hospital & possible other areas. Can you imagine someone being health profession being that irresponsible? Premier Blaine Higgs lashed out Wednesday at the "irresponsible"
The daycare where the child attended has been closed since May 21 after the child attended the 19 of May and that night had fever then tested positive for virus. The senior citizens homes have been hit hard all over with virus. But the 90 yr woman who was a resident at 100 bed facility have confirmed that nobody else has tested positive in facility. The Campbellton Regional Hospital's emergency department has also been closed for 24 hours and all non-urgent or elective health-care services are cancelled "due to the high risk of transmission of COVID-19," the Vitalité Health Network announced. New Brunswick now has 123 cases The province has performed 15,058 tests, with 4,835 in the Moncton area, 3,428 around Fredericton and 3,235 in the Saint John region.
Now with 3 active cases it has the Campbellton region who contracted COVID-19 it has forced the Premier of New Brunswick Blaine Higgs to put area which is called Zone 5 back on lockdown. Back to be in in orange phase of recovery of for senseless act..
People of my province furious. Besides Zone 5 of New Brunswick which extends from Whites Brook to the Village of Belledune, including Tide Head, Atholville, Campbellton, Dalhousie, Eel River Dundee, Eel River Bar First Nation, Balmoral, Charlo and Belledune being back to recovery stage. People want some form of punishment for the 50 yr old medical professional took oath to provide medical attention to those in need, it was specified if she was doctor or nurse. She didn't take her role serious enough when she disregarded the health of fellow Canadians. Have you heard about this? What do you think about it? Maybe I am just angry because it's my province, I don't know. Please share your comments and views on this matter. Thanks


  1 month ago
I too am an NB'er and disappointed that someone especially in healthcare would be so thoughtless and uncaring. We have done so well under the guidance of Premier Higgs and have been an example to follow. Not that gender makes a difference - but I was under the impression and read somewhere that it is a male Dr. who not only seen his own patients but also seen patients at the Hospital. There are upwards of 100 -150 people he would have come into contact with. After your post was written, there are now 3 more cases today - one of which is a health care professional that works at that Hospital who would have also seen patients. This could very easily spiral out of control. I suspect over the coming days we will see increasing numbers of new cases :( Reply


  1 month ago
That's appalling, Jess! I'm in NWT now, soon to be in NS. No cases here, plenty there, not really looking forward to it. What will we do with individuals such as you've described? I think criminal charges should be pressed. Reply


  1 month ago
It seems some people think the rules and regulations do not apply to them Reply


  1 month ago
Sad and irresponsible. Reply


  1 month ago
That's absolutely infuriating! To be a NURSE and not only travel when you know it's not essential, and then when returning to NOT participate in the self-isolation, and THEN to go to work at a HOSPITAL where she must have known she was putting everyone (including her co-workers) at huge risk. That's crazy, I don't understand how someone like that even gets to BE a nurse. But we've seen there are people who work in the medical field who don't even have a basic understanding of facts, so...? Reply

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