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  3 months ago

Would you beat Google's job interview questions?

In today's world, competition on the job market makes companies look for the best possible candidates, that includes both technical knowledge and personal skills. The new trend in companies to find the best candidates they are using phycologists 'tricks' to identify the best applicants.

For instance, one of the most attractive companies in the world due to its working conditions is Google, which is also well known for the strange questions they ask to their candidates, which seek to understand the candidate's way of thinking. We will now review some of these questions. Would you be able to pass the test?

The first round of questions is asked to measure the analytical capacity of the applicant and their mental processes to find an answer to the problem. Contrary to popular belief, finding the exact answer to the problem is not important, only the logic behind finding it. These are questions like "why are sewer covers a round shape?" (the answer is to prevent them from opening accidentally) or "how many golf balls you can fit on a bus" or even "how many piano tuners are there in the world?"

A second category of questions will intend to measure the candidate's creativity, for example "what would you do to escape from an island" or "what object would you take with you to a desert." Again, the aim is to see the person's way of thinking.

Finally, questions are also asked to see the personality of the individual to know if the person is going to be compatible with their potential eam. In this case the questions could be "if you were a pirate how would you distribute the treasure?"

What do you think about these questions? What you would reply?

Do you think they are necessary to evaluate good candidates?

What is the strangest question you have been asked in a job interview?

Leave us your opinion in the comments below!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  3 months ago
good stuff


  3 months ago
I think it's a different approach from what we are accustomed with. Should be beneficial.


  3 months ago
One interview stands out in my mind because I only got as far as the walkway outside Belfast station after long journey. Next thing the area is swarming with armed soldiers and armoured vehicles. I did a u turn and got the return train home. Not worth the risk I said to myself.
At my first ever interview for a sound engineer job was asked if I had hearing problems


  3 months ago
i think it is a good way for some companies to interview people these questions can tell alot about the persons personality and that is very important for team work


  3 months ago
As much as anything it would stop the people hiring getting totally bored.


  3 months ago
Have heard of this method before been used in grouping teams together random selection which I feel is unfair as one individual could have answers that the rest of the team don't agree with


  3 months ago
I think is a different way to know the personality. I will completely fail for sure!


  3 months ago
I think it’s a refreshing, interesting, way of, doing an interview to determine a person’s profile and also problem solving abilities. It’s a bit like doing some crosswords as I do a lot. You have to be able to think outside the box. The answer is not always necessarily what you think it is


  3 months ago
As someone who has BA in management, with special focus on recruitment, where in order to get my BA I had to write a paper on the subject I know how asking "right" question is important


  3 months ago
better questions than the normal boring interview ones :)
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