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  1 month ago

abandoned supermarket trolleys is it a working class leaning?

I saw two yesterday lying near a housing association.

Why is it I never see any near big houses?
Is this because Patsy doesn't need help getting her shopping into her 40k range rover?

Ok I welcome your thoughts..


  1 month ago
Don't think Harrod use trolleys ? or perhaps the chauffer does the shopping in the Bentley ? Reply


  1 month ago
I'd never considered H , but I reckon the classification of " lazy " seems more apt ! I live on a council estate of around 600 houses , and haven't seen one in 15 years ;) Reply


  1 month ago
I found an Asda trolley abandoned in woodland more than two miles from the supermarket. It was equipped with a wheel brake that they had somehow managed to overcome (the brake is triggered electronically if the trolley is taken past the supermarket's boundaries). It had apparently been used to convey a quantity of household refuse and a broken television which were dumped beside it. To get there, they would have had to negotiate a muddy and uneven path with tree roots, and it was at least half a mile fro the nearest road. One wonders why they went to so much trouble to be antisocial. Reply


  1 month ago
"working class"- do you mean middle class?
This trolley abandonment issue has been going on for as long as i can remember... and although i do see a certain "stereotype" that's the likely to do this.. i wish you had put your title a bit different..
They arent near big houses as these people probably have their shopping delivered and have enough space in the back of their 40k land rovers to put all of the shopping in, you hit the nail on the head there.
meanwhile the lowly working class have to walk home and cant be bothered to take thus trolley back to the supermarket. More feeling that they are short done in life watching Patsy drive past in her 40k land rover. They dont take the trolley back to "win one over". One up in their terms .
Solved it ;)
And no my dear i arent one of these, its simple sociology and observation.


  1 month ago
Hi, around my way these are a godsend, portable barbecue, laundry basket, gardening tools, drinks trooleys. Yes luv would be overly surprised at the us s of these. - the reasons people abandon them is because they are Reply


  1 month ago
I can imagine that at the present time there will be more of them abandoned; we can't just nip out, the bus; well mucky and the risk factor; so do a much bigger shop the only way to get it home being the trolley, and then what do you do with it? If you have a car you can just fill that up in the supermarket carpark, but if you haven't and aren't dropping in on the way home from work to pick-up stuff for today & tomorrow then the temptation for some people must be big ... Reply


  1 month ago
I'd say so H but we are lucky in my town they put a bus on. half the price of a taxi outside it if you want to go to the supermarket or have to now as can't get a delivery slot but am sure plenty have been taken in the estates just not round were i am as am right beside a supermarket x Reply


  1 month ago
Oh yes I always see abandoned Morrisons trolleys near my local McDonald's car park which is like 10 mins walk from my local Morrisons! Reply


  1 month ago
Hi H. I would hesitate to say it is a working class problem as anyone that works for an employer is by definition ( working class ) that would account for around 30 million people in the UK.
There are far fewer middle class and upper class people in the UK than people assume.
Most people when asked , reply that they are middle class . This is a mistaken perception , give them 3 or 4 months without wages and they would be out on the streets. Hardly middle class then .
Many trolleys are left abandoned in York for example by university students from quite well to do families , so is it just a lack of respect and I'll do what I feel attitude that is the real cause of abandoned trolley syndrome?


  1 month ago
I haven't seen any round here Giz, maybe they're used by folk who haven't got skateboards. :-) xx Reply
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