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  4 months ago

i really do not understand insurance companies.

why do they not seem interested in, or try to hold onto current and loyal customers.
every year, without fail, every home or car policy we've had has gone up in price, never came down.
we have never made a claim on any policy.
a car insurance renewal from tesco bank due this month is over £100 dearer than last year.
why ? i really don't get it.
my renewal quote is £513.
i went onto, as i do every year, with every renewal, and found exactly the same cover for £266.
£247 cheaper.
how on earth can there be such a huge difference ?
would it not make more financial sense for insurance companies to keep exisiting customers rather than chase new ones ?
does anyone auto-renew these days ?
im wondering if anyone else has had a similar or even greater difference in price while shopping around ?
thanks all.


  4 months ago
Always the same!! I always shop around for the big bills and recently changed my energy provider after shopping around it worked out around £250 a year less then my ‘renewal’.


  4 months ago
Try compare the market, i always manage to get cheaper insurance every year


  4 months ago
I don't use comparison sites for insurance. I tried it once and got bombarded with calls. Never again. Also, you need to check the reviews for the companies they offer you: there's sometimes a good reason why they are cheap, which you discover in the unfortunate event of having to make a claim or if making any subsequent changes. One specialising in over-50s (not Saga!) apparently has the practice of phoning the day after you take out the policy to say the premium was miscalculated and is actually £100 more, but if you try to cancel they will charge a fee, and if you don't cough up they will terminate the cover and charge even more; I'm sure it cannot be legal, but some folks will pay for fear of being left without cover and getting a black mark for the termination.


  4 months ago
Mine did actually come down a bit this year, but it was well over-priced to begin with. I ended up switching to Churchill, which was a little more than Direct Line but has better reviews, plus OH is also with Churchill and we are named drivers on each others' policies.


  4 months ago
Infuriating isn't it.
I thought I read that Aviva was going to stop doing it, and if it is true they may start a trend.


  4 months ago
my brother changes his insurance company every year ,just for that reason


  4 months ago
Exactly the same here Nikky , I don't get it either .


  4 months ago
So many people never shop around for insurance or utility services that the companies have no interest in rewarding loyalty as many policies are on auto renew and folks do not seem to care.
Only when everyone shops around will loyalty perhaps feature and then the downside will be that the really good "brand new customers only" below cost deals will disappear.


  4 months ago
It really annoys me that we are expected to shop around every year whether it's insurance, utilities, phone contracts or whatever. I don't want to be forced to shop around and chop and change all the time, I just want good service at a reasonable price. Any company that rewards loyalty gets my custom.


  4 months ago
The company that insures my car is going to refund a sum to all its customers this month, simply because they're not getting as many claims.It's not a huge amount, but nice, nevertheless.
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