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  7 months ago

Now you can even rent your houseplant! | #TolunaNews

Sky-high property prices make home ownership but a distant dream for many millennials, or Generation Y, however personalising their living spaces remains important - despite the fact that it's not truly theirs.

Society now lives in a time where not only our personal style and career define who we are, but our homes too. Previously reserved for just close friends and family, our lives beyond closed doors are increasingly uncovered, and it takes a simple search on Instagram to see what we're talking about.

And while the aesthetics we discover buried within the #InteriorDesign hashtag and inspiring and stylish, they highlight the soaring house prices and declining wages that our younger generations are faced with.

What did this lead to? Pay-per-month furniture. Nowadays not only can you rent your home, but you can rent anything that will reside in it, from your bed or couch to a houseplant or bookcase - and many millennials cite it being particularly advantageous in relation to being able to "create your dream space in a rental home," as explained by Chelsey Brown, a 27-year-old tenant from New York.

However, it underlines the problem of commitment among millennials who are reluctant to spend too much time in any one place, either out of personal decision or inability due to uncertain circumstances. The mindset is perfect for those who are always looking for a new adventure, however sometimes it's not a mindset, but a way of life due to current economy.

What do you think about renting the furniture for your home rather than buying it?

Do you think it's particularly advantageous? Or is it another way to profit from an already exploited generation?

Would you rent the furniture in your home?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments for a chance to earn bonus points!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  6 months ago
I would never rent furniture, plants or anything other than my home itself.


  6 months ago


  6 months ago
One mans rubbish is anothers treasure.. i buy second hand and have also been given lots.. i donate the unwanted to all helps but to rent to other is greed. Not the way i was brought.


  6 months ago
I've inherited bits and pieces from other relatives which were very much appreciated at the time due to lack of funds.. Eventually some went on to either charity shops or for auction. The latter was fascinating and I still like to look around the salesroom as well as charity shops for what I need. I've found some lovely pieces for not much money .
I did rent a fridge once.My mother was terminally ill and I urgently needed one and neighbours pointed me to .a local firm rented me one.. In the circumstances, I was relieved as it was a hot summer and worth every penny.
Own or rent ?It all depends on your circumstances and your purse as well as how attached you are to items that hold particular memories.


  6 months ago
I think it's the way the country is right now , we've turned into a throw away nation.


  6 months ago
Ridiculous idea that's just been invented to make more money out of the youth.
Charity shop buys all the way for me, only if I need to replace something broken.


  6 months ago
If you are planning on staying somewhere long term no. If you are sure you will only be there 3 months and won't want it in your next place, yes.


  6 months ago
Buy second hand from charity shops and help others at the same time, instead of renting stuff that is expensive.


  6 months ago
Would never do this you would pay over and over again and never own it


  6 months ago
I feel it all depends on your accommodation. If you're in an abode that you think of or want to think of your long-term "forever" home why would you want to have furniture/furnishings that were temporary. Your decor and property should be a reflection of your personality and that is an aspect that should be considered in terms of stability and continually long term. If you are only in this country/city/town/street for a short while then you wouldn't want the hassle of what to do with the furniture when that period of time is up. 'nuff said.
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