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  3 months ago

#FavouriteFriendshipMemory - Content Creation for Points!

Hello Influencers,

How is your week going so far?

Today, we've been speaking about our favourite and fondest memories with our friends at the office.

It was a really nice way to chat and reminisce. Now, I'd like for all of you to share your favourite memory or memories with your friend(s).

All you have to do is create a topic with the hashtag #FavouriteFriendshipMemory and write about yours.

Don't forget to include a relevant photo!

Any content for this contest may be rewarded with 500 points, while some of the best could attract 1000 points - what are you waiting for?


  3 months ago
Im from Africa and i need to raise money for my flight ticket..


  3 months ago
Just came back from Lanzarote. Do not go there! Is like a Benidorm! :D


  3 months ago
i have no friends


  3 months ago
I am still in active contact with school friends from aged 7 years old and I'm now in my 70s!!!


  3 months ago
My faurite friendship memory is college .We are friends forever .x


  3 months ago
#FavouriteFriendshipMemory...I have always grown up quite a shy person as a child and lacking confidence. However, this all changed during the sixth form at high school.
There was a guy who everyone feared. He had a very big reputation for being very unproachable and so he was one guy you just never really interacted with unless he came to you first.
So one fine day (sorry for the cheese, but it actually was a fine day), I was walking around the rooms, exploring during lunchtimes. I happened to walk into a classroom and there so happens to be this guy (oh great, I thought). He looked straight at me, intensely. But he had a guitar in his hand.
This came at a time where I was just becoming intrigued about music. So this guy actually spoke to me.. 'hey man, can you play?'. I said 'a little, just started learning'. He called me over and handed me the guitar and so I started playing.. Nothing fancy because at that moment, I was a complete novice.
You know actually, this was a moment that changed my life forever. From that moment on, me and this guy became friends and lunchtime became our time to jam on the guitar. I took a few lessons and got better. In time, I formed a band with friends and what started as a fun hobby turned into an amazing experience of live shows, touring, recording albums, playing festivals. You name it, we did it.
I am very thankful for that experience, suddenly I became totally confident and that is what shaped the type of person I am today.


  3 months ago
#FavouriteFriendshipMemory...I am someone who finds it difficult making friends.On the other hand,i find it hard breaking out from friends.One of my #favouriteFriendshiMemory which is still very fresh in mind occured at college.We were on our trimester and were taken to Sacred Heart Hosital to do our clinicals there.I was lucky to have gone there with 5 of my best friends and we really had a lot of fun utting our theoritical medical knowledge to use.We had real fun.What made it hilarious was how we ut to use the new Anatomical terms we learnt at school the the revious semester.We called each other by weird Anatomical terms.For instance,my friend Grace was called GLUTEAUS MAXIMUS cus she had a realllly big butt.


  3 months ago
When i was in college i had the best time of my life. I got some really fun friends we hang out a lot had a lot of fun. I was also actively involved in sports, which i loved so much. Rollerblading wad awsome. The second time was when i went to finland at Christmas time and eith that one of my dream came true, it is an unforgettable memory. #FavouriteFriendshipMemory
(Unfortunately it didn't give me a choice to share a photo, so I shared my album wit a link, see below) That was the Xmas view from my balcony. Beautiful memory.


  3 months ago
#FavouriteFriendshipMemory.. Mine would be my childhood spending the whole summer holidays with my granny and Granda down at their caravan. Those where my best times of my childhood spending it with 2 of the most important people of my life, not only my grandparents but my forever best friends. Along with my cousins or a friends we spent weeks down there making memories whether it included car boot sales, days out round to the local shops to bits and bobs, playing games outside with friends or inside on rainy days, to movie nights, days at the beach whatever it shall have been, those were my childhood memories that I will cherish forever and now that the caravan and my Granda are no longer around they remain the most amazing memories in my heart


  3 months ago
My #FavouriteFriendshipMemory was when I use to go horse racing with my late father
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