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  1 month ago

Changing trends...women say 'no' to hair removal | #TolunaNews

Spain is seeing a new trend emerging, women with beards. Two Spanish women have created a movement in which they invite other women to share their experiences.

Mar Llop and Cristina Almirall are the creators of this movement called 'Som Barbàrie', which arises from a play on words between 'barba’ (beard) and 'barbàrie’ (barbarity) in Catalan.

With this project, the two entrepreneurs aim to put women with beards in contact with each other to encourage them and share their experiences. Mar Llop, 31, and Cristina Almirall, 24, were tired of hiding it, so they decided to undertake this initiative.

"Under the pressure from my mother and the society I decided to shave. During the time I had no hair, I lived happily, until it reappeared," Almirall told a Spanish newspaper. As this generated frustration, she decided to try other techniques, such as laser hair removal. "Some days I think, 'How terrible! Why do I get them? But other days I don't even notice them," she added.

Llop said, "In the winter, I'd wear a scarf to cover it up. It's over, I don't shave anymore, and we’ll see what happens.”

Excessive hair growth in some areas is known as hirsutism. In response to this, she argued: "We are totally against this disease. It is a patriarchal beauty pathology that only affects women because they have hair where only men can have it."

Llop acknowledges that she was a victim of misunderstanding by other people and recalls the occasion when she decided to confront two girls who were talking about her on the bus.

They both decided to mobilise themselves to bring together bearded women with the idea of exposing their problems and seeking support. In November they had their first meeting in Barcelona. "It went very well, we were about 15 women", they said. Yesterday they held the second meeting in the Catalan city, and they hope to expand it to other places. "We have been contacted by many women, from Majorca, from Argentina... There are more than we thought," they said.

What do you think of this movement?

Would you like to join in?

Do you think women should always shave?

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  1 month ago
I dont even like beards on men! I actually know a woman with a disease which makes her hair grow incredibly quickly and she has hair down to her feet and has a beard. Such a sweet person and very refined but for whatever reason i do find her beard disturbing. I suppose i am thinking why would she not remove it but i suppose its a neverending task that got too much for her?


  1 month ago
That's fine


  1 month ago
What do you think of this movement? If it helps them feel more confident and less isolated, then I am in favour.
Would you like to join in? I do not belueve I qualify.
Do you think women should always shave? I think each woman should do what they want, within reason, and that includes shaving or not shaving.


  1 month ago
I say leave them be, it's all down to each and every individual, male or female, to decide for themselves. To shave or not to shave, that is the question. I stopped shaving in 1979. I remember it well as it was the first Friday of November of that year, when I was hit with the worst dose of flu I've ever experienced before or since. I was off work for 5 full weeks. If it had been up to my doctor I would have been off for 6 weeks. Anyway I eventually got back to work. Everyone told me that the beard suited me. I've not shaved since that Friday. All I do is trim it on a regular basis as I don't like it getting too bushy. I don't fancy going around looking like Father Christmas !


  1 month ago
I wouldn’t like to influence such movement. After all the characteristics of a women is mostly hairless, are we now aiming to erase our natural looks? I think it’s a decision of an individual to do as they please with their body, but this issue is not faced by a large percentage of the women population of our world. They need to stop altering nature let the even stay even and the odd stay odd for crying out:-). We need creativity that transforms lives not only comfort.


  1 month ago
I have posted about this before. I think it's wrong for women to be expected to remove hair all the time to be smooth on legs and armpits while it's totally acceptable for men to walk around looking like a gorilla. How would a man feel if a woman has long hair on her legs I wonder? They'd be disgusted, yet they expect women to to accept their body hair no problem. As for bearded women, I think it shouldn't be frowned upon. It's high time we take people for who they naturally are without having to beautify a woman.


  1 month ago
Of course it's up to the individual woman and good luck to their movement but I prefer ladies without beards.


  1 month ago
I am all for everyone accepting what and who they are and living a happy life! I lost all of my hair to chemo in 2010 heartbreaking was my waist length hair! I found some lovely hats and wore those rather then wigs until my hair was long enough to show again, a baseball cap at work at one point to show my support for a campaign that was going on, that took courage and everyone around me told me it was an honour to know me and the strength it took to do that! I don’t like visible hair on my face so I use very fine scissors to cut it and it is very effective and I do shave other parts of my body because it makes me feel good, happy and feminine so this works for me!


  1 month ago
Yeah i agree with rose if it makes them happy why not,&some women have hormonal changes which can cause facial hair,but my brother wife has never shaved anything,not even under her arms which is up to her she says my brother isnt worried about it &even if he was she says it is making her happy,even though i struggle i have to do under my arms because i feel better,plus i wear a lot of vest tops, people should not be judged about something so natural x


  1 month ago
If it makes them happy its fine . Where is the hair I am assuming it is facial hair I would hate that an old friend of mine had very dark hair and was paranoid about the hair on her face she did everything she could to get rid of it. I have never had that problem I used to have my legs waxed but i cant be bothered now i figure the hair is there for a reason and in winter it is an extra layer of warmth (not that i have a lot) My opinion of women shaving is it is up to the individual what makes you comfy is best shave or dont its not important really in the grand sceem of things. I wouldnt join such a group but I suppose they need support if it is a real problem
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