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  14 months ago

What do you think about the idea that the EU pays € 500 for each emigrant in Croatia?

As many of you knows here that I came here from Croatia. According to official data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, return has lost about 92,000 people in the periods from 2007. to 2009, and between 2016 and 2018.

Because of that the Government of the Republic of Croatia asked from EU Croatia compensation for population decline and additional money for Croatia as the youngest EU member state.

According to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, this money should be invested in less developed regions. Otherwise this financial plan is not final and is still in negotiations.

I wouldn’t never agree with this plan or idea. Because most of us leave the Croatia because of the poor living conditions. Most of us were more hungry then with full stomach. When the country takes from you more then you have then is time to leave. I don’t think so that is good idea that the country which drove you away from your home, now making money because of you.

I just could agree that the country could get some support from the EU as second plan because the help is really needed.

What do you think about this idea?
Would you agree with all of this?
How would you feel that your country sold you for € 500?

Thank you.


  14 months ago
Not a bad idea.


  14 months ago


  14 months ago
Good idea


  14 months ago
I don't think i'ts a good idea


  14 months ago
This is just an absurd!


  14 months ago
What if other EU countries ask the same?


  14 months ago
First and foremost no one was sold either literally or in the abstract, sale requires payment in return for forceable relocation to a buyer, and not circumstances forced me to go somewhere else of my choosing. There's actually little point in dividing the funds being sought by total emigrants because the resulting no. doesn't signify anything of import, and thus there's no point in letting it upset.
The departure of a large no. of the populace from already depressed regions would have exacerbated the existing parlous state of affairs there however they were caused. Hence the gov's eventual seeking of aid to make low prospect areas less untenable for living in that otherwise impels many to abandon ship progressively making things worse. Within the EU this aid is usually rendered as direct funds. Seems reasonable enough otherwise there's a self-reinforcing spiral downwards.
Although there's a grammatical error you're also contradicting yourself up there: 'I wouldn’t never agree with this plan or idea. [...] I don’t think so that is good idea that the country [...], now making money because of you. I just could agree that the country could get some support from the EU as second plan because the help is really needed.' There appears to be just the one plan, to fund regions impacted by significant emigration, hence you cannot both oppose and support it as that doesn't make sense.


  14 months ago
Good morning, BubamaraMaya! Thank you for sharing your debate with us, it's a very interesting one! How are you doing today?

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