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  8 months ago

Jose Mourinho appointed Spurs manager

Pocchetino out: Mourinho in. Will Jose be able to win over the Spurs dressing-room in a way that he was unable to do at Man Utd? How will Spurs fans take to Mourinho - the former Chelsea manager and the scourge of so many London derbies in their past?! It does not feel, to me, like an immediate "fit" - Mourinho is a big personality, a striking contrast to Poch's laid-back, personable style. Any and all opinions, from all denominational loyalties, welcome!


  8 months ago
His record, more or less, is to get the side to be effective for two years and drag on for half a year. Whether he can do this again I do not know. Poch's issue seemed to be over sales and signings and Mourhino will want to be selling and buying in January, so it is a bit odd.
BUT Jose gets trophies and Spurs have been trophyless for a long time. I think this is a short term thing to get the fans onside with the board/owners.
As a Chelsea supporter, he has just added another betrayal to the tribal belief system that is football! ;-)


  8 months ago
Getting a terrible United team to finish 2nd & winning the Europa League was an achievement when you see how low they’ve fallen over the years.
No other manager achieved that (since AF) and the current Norwegian PE teacher is way out of his depth.
Spurs form has been really poor dating back to last season. They didn’t show up for the Champions League final although Kane’s injury didn’t help admittedly.
If you’re going to change manager I can’t think of another who has the experience and is immediately available. Do you have any other suitable candidates?


  8 months ago
I don't want him , nor his boring way of playing ! I can see half the squad leaving in the Summer H !


  8 months ago
Can't see it myself, the 'special one' lost his super powers long ago.


  8 months ago
I don’t know anything about football


  8 months ago
I’m a spurs fan (sigh). So, I loved Poch and his coaching team, and I’m sad to see him go like this. I’d rather have seen some of the waste of space players go who don’t want to be at the club. I think Levy will have spent an money that we could have used in the January window on Mourinho. I’m not opposed to Jose but I’m not sure it’s going to work. I see two outcomes, either he lives up to his name and scrapes us back into top 4 by some miracle, or and I think this is more likely, we make it into top 10 and miss out on Europe next season and I see some big name players going who just don’t recover from losing Poch.


  8 months ago
Oh dear; Lord Spartan will be pleased ?
I have to say, he's not my favourite Manager !!!


  8 months ago
I suppose that's why they pay these folks in figures resembling phone numbers.


  8 months ago
Personally I've no interest in the UGLY game and have never watched or supported any team that plays soccer. My father supported Spurs and my brother was and still is an Arsenal fanatic.
The only team I support is the Washington Redskins, through thick and thin. Right now they are not doing so good. But nevertheless...
HTTR - Hail To The Redskins!


  8 months ago
just seen this hawksmoor, not sure how i feel about this at the moment x
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