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  7 months ago

How long it takes you to spend your wages?

Statistics are pretty interesting...

It turns out that about 22% of people can spend half of their payment in two days after receiving it.

And they actually do not spend them on all necessary things!

This is according to a study carried out in the United Kingdom by the Nationwide Building Society. About 4,000 people took part in it. Every fifth participant admitted that within a short time after payment they spend money with an extremely light hand - within 48 hours they spend half of the money earned.

Importantly, the study did not take into account expenses related to the payment of bills, loans and purchases of the necessary type.

At the same time, more than half of the people - as much as 55% - confessed that they are willing to carry out any extra-curricular, often reckless, unnecessary or simply purely hedonic purchases in the first week of payment.

It would be wiser to do the opposite, or madness in the last days before the new "injection" of money, when we realize that somehow our account still has a nice sum. But, as they say, who will forbid the rich? During the first few days after the payment, we can finally feel like a distant relative of an Arab sheikh...hahaha ;)

In the first place was indulging in grocery shopping, which 27% of respondents admitted. Ordering good food in delivery came second, and buying clothes third.

The next ones are: eating in restaurants, buying new things at home, going to bars, pubs and parties. The top ten also includes gifts for loved ones and toys for children. We also allow ourselves to buy concert tickets. The list is closed by lunches at work - rather those in rich version, not from McDonalds.

In other words: live your full life! At least for the first two days.

After math?
The answer to the standard question asked: "Was it worth going crazy like this?" Is: no.

This is the case for as many as 9 out of 10 people asked about this claim that they regret their impulsive shopping. To traverse the classic - it's good that you don't have money because you would spend everything on clothes, food and a few other things. And in 48 hours.

And how long it takes you to spend your wages? Are you the "two day person"?


  7 months ago
no not really


  7 months ago
Sometimes I am, but I try to make it happen as rarely as possible.


  7 months ago
not a two day person anyways


  7 months ago
Definitely not a two day person. Always bills first


  7 months ago
I am not a two day person


  7 months ago
Too fast! :)


  7 months ago
Try not to impulse buy only if needed ...bills were the biggest outgoing for us social life , occasional chinese takeaway but no more Credit cards or borrowings ....


  7 months ago
I can't be a two days person but my husband can :)

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