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  1 month ago

Should stores use mannequins of all sizes for better representation and inclusivity?

I think that mannequins should be a range of sizes to show how clothes fit on different body types (as not everyone's body size is the same). Therefore, mannequins of different sizes promotes inclusivity instead of stigmatising and shaming those who are not of a 'normal' weight. After all, mannequins are there for display purposes and allow communication between the retailer to the customer that this is how their clothes would look when worn and you can pair it with this. Therefore, they should be adopted and placed in many stores to show that anyone can wear these clothes as there is no right or wrong body shape. It is up to the person to ensure they have a healthy lifestyle rather than criticising mannequins in a shop...


  1 month ago
They should have a mix of different sized mannequins but then again if you start that then you'll get people wanting tall and petite mannequins, mannequins with bigger boobs and mannequins in wheelchairs etc. and then where does it end. As long as the clothes are available in all sizes then that is where the changing rooms serve their purpose so you can try them on and see how it suits your body type. Reply


  1 month ago
Definitely Reply


  1 month ago
Yes true Reply


  1 month ago
They should all be the same size and you can then use your imagination! Reply


  1 month ago
No I think differnt sized mannequins for the same items would be wasteful.
I wish they would standardize their sizing though my wife is mostly size 14 but sometimes 12 & once a size 10. it's no better for me there can be a 2" difference in waist or chest size for me even by the same manufacturer. Last year I took two pair of jeans to try on because I wasn't sure about the pockets & the one waist fitted & the other didn't.


  1 month ago
I would say no for 2 reasons. Firstly it would be promoting the idea that being overweight is acceptable, it's not, mainly from a health perspective and secondly retailers are focused on making profit and thus making their product as attractive as possible. Besides, stores who cater to "plus size" customers already use "plus size" mannequins. Reply

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