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  5 months ago


How do or did you discipline your children?

I was smacked on the rare occasion that I was misbehaving and my kids get the same. Again, rarely. Feel free to judge me.

For the people who are against smacking, could you please tell me how you deal with naughty behaviour. I'd really like some advice on how to get something done there and then such as getting dressed when you're due to leave in 10 minutes or tidy the mess they made that needs done now.



  5 months ago
I dont judge. Well, try not to do so anyway, Kaz. There's a huge difference between smacking by way of punishment and abuse in my book. Sadly, the bleeding hearts cant see it
As a kid, I was frequently caned, smacked or had the belt. When I was caned at school (which became most weeks I was in attendance) and mum got to hear about it, I got twice the amount off her as the school gave me. If the police brought me home, I got it in front of them too. Dont worry, this was usually for scrumping apples and the likes.
My daughter I only ever slapped once. A glare would stop her in her tracks. My son was more like me and even as a tot, I would glare at him and he'd burst out laughing and say something along the lines of "Yeah right, dad!". Little git almost always ended up making me laugh too which kinda killed the moment, if you get me. I did get an unofficial warning from the police for whalloping him once when I was called to the school because he had caused some trouble. Turned out he had reduced his teacher to tears when my son was aged about 8. He got a slap, the teacher got told by me to learn to maintain some discipline in her class as I was not just sending my kid to school, but entrusting both his wellfare and disciplinary needs in her hands whilst he's there and that if she cant control one 8 year old, she weren't going to last in that kinda work for long! Which caused more tears and likely contributed to her calling the police on me for giving my son a whallop across his backside . The policeman was fine with it but pointed out that he is "required to tell me off" for it.
So yes, I am all in favour of discipline of kids when they have asked for it. Battering them with a closed fist or kicking them around a room is strictly out for me though - i suspect you too :)


  5 months ago
I was always being smacked as a child but hardly ever smacked my children just used a very stern voice and it seemed to work and am afraid to say they knew thier father was very bad tempered so saying wait till your father gets home for very bad behavior always worked am not against smacking but some parents take it too far and physically abuse thier children for no need


  5 months ago
I was only smacked when I did something really naughty, or if I lied. Also if I touched something in a shop that I shouldn't I got my hand slapped. If only more people did this I think children today would be far better behaved. I'm not condoning beating or maltreating children, just as a final resort, knowing this will be the result, I think most children would refrain from going so far that they got slapped.


  5 months ago
I was smacked and his boys were too, very very rarely, but I think as the ultimate punishment; used rarely it worked. I actually remember the punishment at school when I was 7 for getting less than 1/2 marks in the weekly spelling test was the ruler across your palm up to the 1/2 mark and if you got them all you got a sweetie as a reward, I got the ruler once, I worked a lot harder after that to try for the sweetie.
When they 1st started to go about a slap being abuse it started my Mum feeling awful, and that she had damaged me; all for an incident from when I was 14 that I don't even remember, so abusive was it .. not


  5 months ago
I'm not against smacking in moderation and as a last resort Kaz and I certainly wouldn't judge someone who does this. My main deterrent was a glare and a telling off but sometimes a tap on the legs was needed to reinforce the issue. xx


  5 months ago
Have not kids Kaz
but i got a wallop ,it made me conform :) and
i have manners i hope to this day because if it
as i listened to my mum i tell you and that's lacking in children now,
they do not listen to their parents and do what they want
i suffered embarrassment in front of friends too if
i wasn't obliging in doing what i was told , and think it did me no real harm at all
No judgement here !


  5 months ago
what about doing the time challenge? say if your not ready by the time I count to 100 and then go...1, 2, 50..then by the time it reaches 100 just laugh. see if it works. I am the same I got smacked but only really when I had done something really bad..when my mum raised her voice I knew not to mess..and I was in trouble.


  5 months ago
Smacked i guess, it worked for me


  5 months ago
I was smacked occasionally, and so were our girls, epecially the younger one. Once she got to adulthood, she admitted she must have been a horror as a child. Er, yes. I don't think the occasional smack does or did much harm, as long as it is just a 'reminder' and not outright violence. Obviously.


  5 months ago
I was smacked and my sisters were Kaz and i thought it was good discipline i did smack Travis when younger across the legs and did him no harm . This is the trouble of today not enough discipline and so many kids out of hand .
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