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  23 months ago

Yes, I am still alive. I just smell like I died a few months ago ;)

Hi all.
Yes, I have been away for a while. Well, not holiday away or anything like that. Just "pre-occupied" with trying to get the general day today boring bits of life done and out of the way.
For those who know - which I'll imagine is most of you - I quit a 15years morphine havit (prescribed!) this April. Had spent the bulk of this year decreasing dosages until the day came where I didn't have any more to take. The CBD handled the withdrawals very well and can even be said that it killed them completely. However, your GP doesn't carry on prescribing a person morphine for nothing. Due to my attempt at a "healthier" way of living, I am just left with paracetamol now for pain and trust me when I tell you that it doesn't cut it much. As such, everything takes long to do and hurts that much more to do it too. Yes, there are a whole host of other meds out there I "could" take. Like that morphine, they either carry side effects I dont want or, in the case of antiinflammatories, they make my breathing really bad. Which was one thing before I developed COPD and is something else entirely now. So what am I doing about it? Waiting for the govt to relax the laws around who can and cant be prescribed cannabis. At the moment, its just seriously epileptic kids - a tiny step in the right direction. Which leaves me one of two choices. Risk getting nicked for posession etc of cannabis or wait. And as the type of cannabis I want costs about 2.5 to 3x more to buy on the street than the "blow your mind" stuff, which puts it out of my finncial league for buying enough to cover a month's worth of use, I'm left with waiting. Thankfully, I have gone grey already so that wont happen to me whilst waiting for a politician to "grow a pair" and side with science rather than media hype, the gossip of other politicians and those who believed all the propaganda over the decades.

Anyway, thats it. Might not sound like a lot but its been enough to keep me from being able to sit still long enough to put up posts, replies and anything else really. But remember, its not all gloom, I do feel a ton better inside / in myself. This for me is GOLD. Pure gold and well worth the effort being put into it.

All the best and I hope this finds you having a great week.


  23 months ago
Sounds like youve been having a time of it, nice to see you back, take care hope to see you again soon


  23 months ago
It is very nice to see a post from you Andy, I did hope a quick message might galvanise you into action.You just keep taking it easy, don't push yourself, and remember there are people here you can talk to. As for Paracetamol, the only way it is very effective is if it is given intravenously ! I have seen a paramedic do this and the speed it took effect was amazing. It is a lot better that way then swallowing it an then waiting for 20, to 30 minutes for it to take effect.


  23 months ago
Good to see you back Andy, all the best to you. :-)


  23 months ago
Wishing you all the very best and good health!


  23 months ago
Good on you Andy, you never know some of us could be prescribed cannabis for a medical condition soon, fingers crossed (I have epilepsy)


  23 months ago
Welcome back and all the best with your problems Andy! :) xxx


  23 months ago
I'm so sorry you've been having such a tough time. I know what it's like to live with long term pain; the CBD oil helped a bit, but just to take the edge off. Nothing really took away the pain. I hope your new healthier lifestyle continues to help you feel better in yourself, as that can help you cope with the pain mentally.


  23 months ago
Welcome back! LOL!


  23 months ago
Sounds like you have done very well I have been on Morphine for 3 years now and am meant to be cutting it down but am finding it too hard to do because of the pain I also have COPD so when the pain is really bad it affects my breating as well so I need to use my Ventolin a lot am trying Hemp seed oil but that does not seem to work but am glad you are feeling better and hope you manage to get rid of the pain xx


  23 months ago
welcome back tatts, glad your doing ok and hope you get your preferred treatment sooner rather than later x
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