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  149 months ago

Does anyone else have people in their family that have birthdays very close together or even on the same day?

My brother was first , he was born on the 12th may then came my daughter(20 years later) she was born on 8th may, next was my niece(5 years later) born on the 11th may another niece(4 years later) who was born on the same day as my daughter. 4 birthdays in 4 days is fun with lots of celebrations etc but it is quite a pricey time. I am not that good at planning ahead and buying pressies early.


  143 months ago
I dont really have anyone that is close in my family to my birthday but both me, my mum and dad are all born on the 3rd of a month.

Fire Blade

  143 months ago
I have the same birthday as my brother we are twin 14/12 and my sisters 22/12


  144 months ago
My first daughter was born on her grand fathers birthday 31st August, my second daughter was born on my grand mothers birthday 18th June, my sisters first son was born on my sons birthday 5th March and my youngest daughter was born on my husbands aunts birthday 26th March. I was married on the 2nd of February and that was the day my father died eighteen years later. I bet he laughed and thought she won't forget her wedding anniversary. We have many birthdays in August, my sister 25th, mine 27th,my nephew 29th and my daughter 31st. Both my father's, 21st and my husbands father's, 31st were also in August.


  144 months ago
No not as close as that maybe a month or two in between but no days


  146 months ago
Yeah this is a problem for me at certain times of the year. my mum is 4 days older than my dad each year in February. And my brother was 10th August and mine is 26th August. Not to mention the endless cousins and aunties and friends....I have to write it all down in a notebook to keep me right!


  146 months ago
i have a friend whos birthday is the same as mine and a girl in my office has the same birthday my dads is four days after me and a cousin is one day after me


  147 months ago
Hi yes mine is on 10 sept then cousins on the 11 sept then my neice on the 13th sept then my sister in law on the 16th of septmeber, then there are my 2 younger brothers both same day on the 29th of november though not the same year x


  148 months ago
my daughters birthday is 2 days after mine. as far as i know there is no one else in my family whose birthdays are close


  149 months ago
We have quite a few in our family, my mum and her sister share the same birthday 6 years apart, my sister was born the day before our dad's birthday, my ex-husband and my stepdad have the same birthday; my first two sons were both due on the same date 2 years apart but one was a day early and one a day late. My other son missed being born on his grandad's birthday by a few hours. My daughter did a similar thing, being born a few hours after her grandma's birthday and one day before her cousin. Also my current mother-in-law and my ex-mother-in-law shared the same birthday too. x


  149 months ago
No, all of my family's birthdays are spread well apart. Its my friends who have birthdays close together. But then I have more friends than family members so its no surprise. I only have a small family now.

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