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selen 2006

71 months ago

Why do socail services take people children with out a suitable reason? Aren't there no rules in this country?

I Believe there are rules in this country but those people who have their children taken away don't really understand or no the real reasons why. Innocent people have their children away. For those who can't cope aren't given the support they should be given. Socials services are mean't to help keep familes together & support them. Those who can't cope or are difficult positions i understand if there children are taken but every family should have that chance of winning thier children back, not taken away & never to return till 18. I also believe a child should have the rights to choose where they wont to live with there parents or carers. The children placed in care should awlays be placed where there happy not where there not. All carers should have full checks before being a foster carer. A lot of children in this country are placed with bad carers. Most carers look at the money. I believe the money they get for the children should be spent on the children. They should first be tested before anything. In this country no one really knows the rights if social services are involved. The message should be clear & they should make everyone understand, because they come to your door for whatever reason & take your kids, they then talk about calling the police or something & a lot of them lie & trick you into giving away your children. Social services have a great impact on this country & i believe it should be delt with. People who don't deserve have there children taken away with out a good reason shouldn't be placed in care, those who are in bad states should be but depending on how bad they should be supported and given a chance. Every child deserves love and caring & a suitable family but social services need to do there job properly.


  71 months ago
I am sure social services do their jobs properly, they have alot of policys and procudures in place to ensure all children are taken for a good reason - the courts are involved they are not just uprooted suddenly. I agree all children should have a loving family - all families are checked by CRB's (criminal record checks) and interviewed - people are not simply handed children. I think social services do not have enough power as for example baby P and other children not picked up by the system quick enough because of restrictions.


  71 months ago
i far as i am aware there has to be alot of evidence before social services can take a child into care, and that they do everything possible to help the parents keep custody.unless there is severe neglect then they stay there and get offered support to change the environment that the child in question is in. i do however agree that SOME foster parents do it for the money BUT not all of them do, alot of them do it to ensure these children are safe from harm. also i dont agree that the child should have a say in thses kind of matters and that social services along with the other correct authorities should make that decision for the right reasons.


  71 months ago
I'm sorry, but I can't agree with this - social services can't just walk into a house and take a child without due reason. They also have to have to consult with the health services, educational services and the police. It's against the law just to knock on a door and take a child for no reason.
Also, I'm sorry but I strongly disagree about carers. Yes, there are some bad carers out there, just like there are bad parents....however, my mother is a carer and she's paid a pittance. She gets about £50 a week per child - which she has to use for food, electricity, provisions....etc. She also gets a small allowance for clothing. However, she gets hassle 24 hours of the day. Children with drug problems, emotional problems, problems with the police - she has to walk the streets to find the foster children at times. She sleeps with her bedroom door locked on the inside because she's been assaulted before - and yet she continues to do it even though she makes no money out of it. Please don't think that all carers are bad. A lot of them prop up the system. Private care homes are expensive and inpersonal compared to foster homes.
I think the system works. It doesn't work perfectly but if parents did there job properly in the first place then the system wouldn't even be necessary.


  71 months ago
hi huni,there have been some cases in this country were social services have not done their job properly,familys have been put on the" at risk register" and socail services have not carried out their duty properly for the children belonging to familys who are on the" at risk register" resulting in children being abused ,beaten and starved to death .we hear of these cases all the time,look at the poor little baby P case,if social services had of donE their job properly little baby P would strill be alive today!!
social services dont just turn up at your door and take children away ,there would have to be a very good reason for them to take your children away!!!


  71 months ago
Social Services only take peoples children away as an absolute last resort. This follows months of discussion between the parties, no matter what you may have heard.
People who have their children taken are hardly likely to admit it was because they were lousy or cruel parents now, are they. They all say "I hadn't done anything wrong! I love my children - I would never do anything to hurt them".
Far better children be taken away temporarily, that they die at the hands of incompetent mothers and fathers who are more concerned with getting their next drink or fix.
And, even if taken, parents always have the opportunity to appeal against that decision, and have the chance to prove they can be good parents.
Rarely, granted, Social services get it wrong, and remove children where maybe there is room for doubt. But personally I think it is better to err on the side of caution than to allow another little mite to starve to death or be beaten to death.
Now what would you prefer. Social Workers are only human and can only work with the facts they are given.

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