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  99 months ago

Do you have any Premium Bonds? Have you ever won anything?

I have just over £1000 worth of Premium Bonds- some I have had for 40 years or more. I have only ever won one prize of £50 and that was not long after I bought the last lot - about 15 years ago. Im debating whether I should cash them all in but what stops me is the thought that next month might be the month I will win. And so it goes on, every month I say I will wait until next month, but I never win anything. Have you been more succesful with your Bonds than I have? I have heard that you need to have the limit of £30,000 worth of bonds in order to be in with a chance of a big win, or regular wins. Obviously the more Bonds you have, the more chance you have of winning but others have also said that it's a good idea to cash in your Bonds and buy new ones as new Bonds seem to win quite soon after purchase. This may just be a coincidence. What's your opinion? Have you had any success with Ernie?


  98 months ago
Both my children have £100 each but have never won anything yet


  98 months ago
I have started to get the over the past year, 3 times i have won £25 i don't hold out much hope for more.


  98 months ago
I have some premium bonds,the most i have won is £50-00


  99 months ago
Yes we have had a few wins of £100 , £50 and £25 and they all mount up too.I do not think new are any better than old ones in the winning stakes.We do not have £30,000 though as yet.


  99 months ago
i have some premium bands that my mom bought for me years ago and i think that i have won 3 £50,but my husband said that i should take them out and put them into a isa where you get more for your money,its like a lottery and a chance in a million that you will win on premium bonds a friend of ours that works in the city has said that with a isa its tax free and you get quite a good pay-back so i have thought yes thats what i am going to do,another friend of mine has got quite a lot of money in premium bonds and never won anything so she's thinking of taking them all out and puting the moiney into something that will earn her some moiney and i can't say i blame her!!!


  99 months ago
Yes, I have had a few wins but they are very definately few and far btween. Since they adjusted all the prizes I have not even had a sniff of one!

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