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  100 months ago

How can I stop unsolicited emails from dating sites and sex sites?

I am absolutely sick and fed up of some of the emails that get through to my email box, they seem to all be from dating and sex shop sites and I have never ever been on these sites or asked for emails off them. There is no address on them and no way I can stop them from arriving in my email box. Most of them seem to be sexually orientated and the odd ones I have pressed on them to see if there is a way to unsubscribe only seems to double the amount they send. Do others get these unsolicited emails and does anybody know how to stop them?


  97 months ago
Hi,if you refering to your personal email box that here then there should be a unsubscribe option on the emails try that. Otheriwse look at the domain they are coming from and block them using your blocking facility on the email.


  100 months ago
It's annoying getting these emails - see if there's a "stop recieving emails" option hidden down at the bottom of the emails they send. Also make sure you have your email security settings as high as possible, then they should go straight into your Junk Folder.

Gill O

  100 months ago
I get these sorts of emails too and it is annoying - not sure how to stop them though. Gx


  100 months ago
Not too sure - it depends on what spam filters your e-mail provider uses. Hot mail are good at filtering these out so although they do come through - they go straight to junk!


  100 months ago
Same here cynthia and as fast as I say unsubscribe they keep coming.I too have never asked or indeed wanted this trash and it annoys me to receive it.It makes you wonder how they get hold of your E-Mail address and like the begging letters and the spam reward millions you can't seem to stop them.I had a phone call from Love supermarket and I gave him a lashing of the tongue and he had the cheek to say I had given them my e-mail and requested details. It is a good job hubby is trusting or it could have been very nasty .I would love to stop them as they cram up the pages far too much.


  100 months ago
I just delete them, I suppose they are like the cold calls on the phone, we never know how they get our number, I have even asked them but they don't reply, mind you its a good way to get them to hang up.


  100 months ago
Sorry but I have no idea but I konw how annoying it is as I experience the same


  100 months ago
I have got that use to them now I just delete them right away, sick of getting that HSBc scam one too, it comes everyday


  100 months ago
I was going to suggest you unsubscibe,but it seems you have tried,i would ask your broadband provider if they could help,they should if you send them an e.mail,or even phone them . goodluck


  100 months ago
Lucky you. Really just joking. I agree they are really annoying and I do take offence to them. If and when I get them I try to unsubscribe this sometimes works. I must assume you have some system on your computer to stop spam. As I understand it if you go to your service provider and check your mail from there before it is downloaded to your computer this maybe a way of detering them . I guess I have not been that much help. Good Luck Have a good weekend.

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