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  102 months ago

Do potatoes count as one of your 5 a day ?

I am curious what people think or if anyone knows for a fact. After all a potato is a vegetable so does it count as one of the 5 a day vegetables and fruit that we all supposed to have a day. I do not suppose that 5 portions of chips would count or 5 bags of crisps but a baked potato might.


  100 months ago
Hi there, I don't think it does count towards your 5 a day as its full of starch .Not what they term or are thought of in the same sense as other veg which are included in what they want you to consume for the benefit of your health.


  101 months ago
Do 5 potatoes count as your whole 5 is what I ask myself


  101 months ago
i think potatas are classed as starchy like yer rice pasta noodles etc. i dont think its yer five a day. although i wish crisps or chips did count. as i am terrible with my fruit veg n potatas.


  102 months ago
Sorry Glen, they dont count as one of your five a day as they come in the carbohydrate section even though they are high in Vitimin C, they are still a major part of your diet though :O)


  102 months ago
Im sorry to say Glenn that potatoes are not classed as one of your five a day! They are carbs and starch so they are in the same class as pasta !


  102 months ago
i dont think they do count but wouldnt it be good if you could count a bag of chips as one of your 5 a day. i heard someone on the radio pose the question 'do chocolate raisins count as one of my 5 a day' which i thought was hilarious. i can think of all sorts of options for my 5 a day if that is the case. terrys chocolate orange, cherry coke, strawberry laces, lemon drizzle cake, apple turnover, the list goes on. my friends and i tried to think of the most ridiculous foods that could possibly count os a 5 a day item, you would be amazed at how many there are!


  102 months ago
No as the potato is a complex carbohydrate, generally speaking so are peas and sweetcorn,
so sorry


  102 months ago
i have been told that potatoes do not count as 1 of your 5 a day as they are a carbohydrate this came of a medical adviser


  102 months ago
I am going to sound a right pain here glen but i was told when the mother inlaw was at the hospital check up for her diabetis by the dietitan that the only thing potatoes counted towards were carbohydrates intake and your chips would only count towards carbos and fat but dont they taste great anyway if we all only ate what they told us and stopped eating what they tell us not to because in the last few years we have been told not to eat eggs, meat, cetain soft cheeses, and good ness knows what else does not leave much in your diet that you actually enjoy to eat


  102 months ago
Potatoes aren't one of your five a day as they are a carbohydrate. It would be good if crisps counted as I've had 3 bags today. However I normally make my 5 a day easily. In the morning I make a fruit smoothie, and often have porridge with raspberries. Lunchtime I would probably have a bowl of soup which would contain vegetables of some sort, and for dinner I would have either salad or veggies with my meat, or pasta. We are luckly in this house because we both like most fruit and vegetables so it's reasonably easy. It is interesting that with the 5 a day it doesn't matter whether they are fresh, frozen or tinned.
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