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  123 months ago

Work vs leisure time - a good balance?

Sometimes I think we work too hard and don't spend enough time playing, or at least not as much time as I'd like :) I'm just wondering if people think they have a good work/life balance.


  123 months ago
My husband's work and leisure balance is quite poor, and it does have a major impact on the rest of the family. He feels rotten because he has had to miss out on several of the major milestones in our children's lives, he wasn't there when either of our kids said their first words, took their first steps or started school. In ten years he has only been able to make it to two of our daughter's school productions. She knows that he would if he could but it still hurts. Its not even the normal work that keeps him from us, but the extras, it always seems that whenever there is an evening family event his boss has organised a business meeting or conference that my husband can't get out of. What is really galling is that his boss has a family of his own and nothing is allowed to get in the way of his family time.


  123 months ago
My work and leisure balance is very good, in fact I would rather work a few more hours! I only work 22 hours per week, off at weekends, half days Wednesday and Friday. I used to work for 27 hours, but 'funding' ran out and could not be replaced (I work for a 'Charity foundation, teaching and assessing teenagers in Catering, and run cookery courses in the school holidays). The amount of 'leisure' time I get enables me to do all the housework so that my wife (who works a typical '9 to 5' Mondays to fridays) and I can spend the weekends together doing what we want!

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