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75 months ago

Who are the best and worst employers in the UK?

I'm just about to start a new job with Nationwide and have been told they are a fantastic employer.

I'm curious though who are the best and the worst companies you've worked for? Try not to get yourself in trouble if you still work for them :D


  69 months ago
I honestly don't know, I don't work anymore and therefore don't really discuss work with people.


  70 months ago
the best, the ones that treat you fairly and understand emergencies can crop up and they are there to help you and they pay well, the worst well they are the opposite of what i have just said.

welsh dragon

  71 months ago
The worst employer in regards the way they treat people has to be JCB. They hire and fire at will with no regard to the effects thay have on employees and their families. I do not say this lightly, having worked in industry for 38 years for more then 10 different employers.At the Wrexham plant, bullying by management is rife.


  73 months ago
good luck with the job, but dont know how old this topic is so you have prob already started! so hope it is going well! i hear morrisons arent that great, from what my mate tells me here anyway.


  73 months ago
Octavian Security Group are the worst. The staff are nice but the ceo is a foul mouthed b**stard who even makes threats on facebook. They have gone threw over 70 staff at head office in 2009.


  73 months ago
Hi there Stither, what someone says is a bad employer for them maybe a good employer for someone else. I haven't really had a bad employer so far but then again I was just glad to be working at the time.


  73 months ago
I dont work anymore so can't speak from experience but I do know that when I last worked I managed a shop in the south of england and I was employed by Stars and they were awful. Although I said I was employed I had to be self employed. Previous to them taking over I'd really enjoyed my job but after just dreadful :-)


  73 months ago
i havent really worked for a badd employer i didnt like my employer at days inn hotel working for a company called holcom the woman scared me half to deatgh and after having a bit of a tiz waz it turned out that she was actually pretty nice just straight forward down to the point and even after leaving after 2 years my job is still open for me whenever or of ever i want to return x


  74 months ago
Every where i have worked has been ok except when i was 19 i went to work for toys r us and they were horrible even the interview was bad the guy interviewing me when i asked what should i wear he replyed preferably a skirt riding up your arse he also asked if i was catholic or protestant as we were working near Ibrox Rangers football stadium then when i started it was a new store i got there and new we were setting up did not realise i was building shelves and the like it was just a huge empty warehouse when we opened i was put on tills one morning i was taken into the office saying that my till was 200 pound short two male managers searched me and then said they would look into it as i was so young i did not know what too do and just got upset later on i was brought back into the office to be told they cashed up wrong and there was no shortage i managed to pluck up the courage to tell them where to stick there job lol


  74 months ago
i used to work in b&q and it was awful but that was more down to the bitchy staff than anything

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