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  61 months ago

Win 1,000 points!

What is the worst holiday that you have ever been on?

Why was it your worst holiday?

What went wrong?

10 comments will be selected at random and receive 1,000 points each.

You have one week, good luck!


  61 months ago
A holiday park in south Wales
The bedding was not clean and there were no mattress protectors
The chalet was next to a noisy generator
We left after one night, having been told there would be no refund


  61 months ago
I went on a club 18-30s holiday in KOS it was horrendous.
The hotel was disgusting, there were no windows in our room... there was no pool, the bed linen was a double sheet ripped in half one half for the single bed sheet and the other half to cover yourself up with! I literally cried when i saw it, it was my first girls holiday.
There were used condom wrappers under the bed. As you know you cannot flush anything down the toilet in Greece bit we wasn't to know i was only 18! We flushed toilet roll down the toilet and flooded the whole room.
The holiday reps ripped us off with the cost of the trips, the shop down the road was selling them for 1/4 of the price but we didn't realise until after we had paid.
We got cockroaches in the room... that had a million babies and were crawling everywhere!
I also fall asleep on my lilo in the sea and it took me far out... i had to be rescued as i couldn't get back to shore.
By far the worst holiday i have been on! I never went on another club 18-30 holiday again! And ensured that every hotel i stayed in after this was at least 4 star!


  61 months ago
It was in Bangkok with my sister. We went there for 5 days. First day: I got an allergy from the pollution and ended up completely covered with red spots from head to toe. Second day we almost had an accident with a taxi driver who drove like crazy, had suspiciously red eyes and could barely walk when he came to open the door for us. Third day, we realised that girls we had been having breakfast with for two days were actually prostitutes from the bar across the road. Fourth day there was a huge storm, we had to stay in our hotel room, but due to a reservation mistake were kicked out for 3 hours until the hotel found another room for us. Fifth day we were supposed to take a train to get to Malaysia. But our bank cards got both blocked as our banks were suspicious of international transactions and couldn't unblock us before 48 hours. So we had to find a way to get to the train station with the small amount of cash we had on us, with each a 15kg backpack. We walked under a burning sun for 1 hour, then found a lovely woman who drove us to the train station, only to find that it was the wrong station. The woman accepted to drive us closer to the other station, then after another 30min walk, we finally arrived at a huge train station, but our train was long gone. Being the beginning of holidays there, all other trains for the next 24 hours were completely full. We found what appeared to be a French bakery in the train station, desperate and exhausted, we decided to stop for a croissant, thinking it would not harm us to get a treat if we needed to wait 24 hours in the station. Once paid, we saw a HUGE rat running on the baker's shoulders. We threw away the croissants (and cried over wasted money..) and went back in line to get a new train ticket for the next day. After almost an hour of queuing we finally get to the front desk, only to find out next day's tickets were too expensive for the cash we had left...
At that point we were ready to stay under a bridge for 48 hours until we could use our cards again. Completely desperate, we went in an internet cafe to check for a last chance. We found super cheap plane tickets for Singapore (not our planned destination, but we had a flat there for month and at that point we were so exhausted we just wanted to "go home"). We managed to negotiate with the guy next to us to pay by card online for us while we gave him the money in cash. Then we realised: we had only 2 hours before the flight and no idea where the airport was).
We ran to the taxi lane and started negotiating with every taxi driver to take us as fast as possible (we were told it usually takes 45min but would take more due to heavy holiday traffic) and for the small amount of cash we had left. After 15min negotiating, one driver accepted to take all our money to drive us to the airport. We told him our story, so wanting to help us, he started to race between cars, probably broke a dozen motorway rules, but got us in the airport in less than 45min. We rushed in the airport, through security, looked for our boarding gate, only to realise that it was not yet displayed. We had not changed time on our phones from our last trip, so were in fact 2 hours early in the airport.
Getting in our holiday flat in Singapore that night gave us the most wonderful feeling we ever had.


  61 months ago
At his honeymoon in Malta, my son's bathroom had rusty water! eww!


  61 months ago
Oxfordshire, stayed a 'luxury spa', My husband and I had won tickets to go to Blenhim Palace with a picnic hamper of goodies for lunch as part of the weekend package. Blenhim Palace was brilliant, the picnic hamper... Consisted of a plastic cereal bowl with a jam sandwich, an apple and a banana and a red serviette between us. We had lunch in Blenhim Palace asked for the receipt and submitted it to the hotel for a refund. That very same night we were woken by a police helicopter hoovering over head and police knocking on bedroom doors. Some of the local football team had managed to climb onto the roof of the hotel and were being complete idiots. We packed our bags next morning and demanded a full refund of ALL our money, compensation for a ruined birthday weekend retreat and lodged a complaint with the police. Never been back, won't ever go back there.


  61 months ago
never had a bad holiday all good.


  61 months ago
Never had a bad holiday.


  61 months ago
a few years ago we went to the isle of white and it was so boring!!


  61 months ago
Last year was the worst holiday. I were at the beach. It was a nice sunny day when suddenly everything changed. I was learning to swim when I saw a big sea wave coming up. It was really scary. I lost my feelings. Then when I opened my eyes I was at the hospital.Someone had saved my life...


  61 months ago
in a yurt in wales which was leaking although we were moved to a dry one at 2.30 am
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